The aftermaths of breast cancer and work struggles


September last, and 5 years after the longed NED, I’ve been dealing with
depression and PSD. A number of things such us; investigation for possible
mets, finishing Tamoxifen and prophylactic bilateral oophorectomy, have caused
my steep fall into this murky waters. I’ve been off sick from work since then
and, being completely honest, I have no desire of returning. I don’t feel
I can’t work full time and, I can’t survive on a part time wages. I have chronic
fatigue, chemo brain and PSD. So far, nobody seems to care about the
devastating effects of the aftermaths of cancer. The unrealistic expectations
of employers, colleague and friends and, maybe my own, really puzzled me. I am
expected to come back to work with a phase return but, just the idea, makes me
sick to the chore. I find job quite tiring and stressful and, I don’t think I
can’t cope with those demands any more. I know that any kind of
adjustments they will make at my workplace, will be just a fantasy, expecting
me to go full throttle shortly after. The shits, the schedules, the waste of
time in the journey …… I just can’t face it. I’ve been working 6 days a week,
I’ve been doing 10 hours sifts and my employer has found completely normal to
place those demands on me, knowing my history. I am struggling with all of this and seriously thinking of

guess I am not the only one in this situation so, pls ladies, tell me about
your experiences and how do you deal with it.