the begining for me

Hi im just coming to terms with being told i have breast cancer,big gulp! im due to have a lumpectomy on 21 july have to say scared of the un known,im sure if you are reading this you have already been where im going or are on the way too.i felt ok in myself yesterday but since iv been told i have awful pain in shoulder,bit like trapped wind! and feel breathless,i rang the helpline today and they said it sounded like anxiety,i carnt get ridd of it,any ideas girls how do you relax please,i have to wait nearly 3 weeks before my op,told i will need 5 weeks of radio theraphy after.i feel really positive but this nagging pain is getting me down now,any advice be great,thanks

A nice long bath always works for me. This hot weather doesn’t make it as appealing as in the winter. But I find a good soak with a good book works wonders on aches and pain and stress.
Good luck with all your treatment.

great idea just off for one now,thanks iv got a lovely champneys candle iv been saving and a good book to get lost in.lovely, x

Hello Weightwatcher,
I’m so sorry that you have had to come and join us here , it’s the place where none of us would chose to be but you will find lots of support here amongst the ladies.
I also had a WLE and SNB on 12th May. I just recieved my results comlpetely yesterday.I’ve waited seven weeks for all of them to come back. I am now waiting for my oncology app to see what my treatment will consist of, deffinatley rads and possibly chemo, don’t know for certain yet. The waiting is the worst,I think people get all sorts of things going through their heads at a time like this,be it aches and pains or unable to stop thinking about bc.
I often like to just listen to story tapes whilst I’m driving or if I’m busy at home it takes my mind elsewhere.
A good walk, or talking with special friends who can empathise with you is also one of the best things you can do.
As I have said you will get to know a lot of loverly people on these threads if you choose to join us regularly, we some times have a laugh at stupid things and we sometimes need someone to have a good rant at, whatever you need we are always here to help eachother.

Keep in touch if you wish,

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

I just had a lumpectomy 2 weeks ago (17th June) and am hopefully getting my results this evening when I see the consultant again. I think I might have to have radiotherapy afterwards - will maybe find out later.
Since I first got the letter asking me to go back for a biopsy after my first mammogram I’ve had anxious feelings - mainly a knot of tension in my stomach. I’m not surprised you’re anxious too. All of a sudden after a routine screening life gets turned upside down and you start thinking about the fragilty of life and what’s important and all that stuff that usually stays at the back of your mind.
I’m the kind of person that likes to know about things that affect me, and if you are too, it might be really helpful to browse these forums and the BCC website. Read what other ladies are going through - how they cope, and realise that there is a sort of community here where you can ask and say what you need to, like you can’t do with your own friends and family so easily. Everyone here understands.

Having a warm bath, going for a walk, seeing friends, maybe treating yourself to a massage are great ideas. And simply relaxing in a quiet place and taking in a long deep breath and letting it out slowly several times over can help too.
And last of all, don’t forget the BC nurse. Maybe give her a call and talk about your worries out loud.

hoping something works for you and wishing you all the best,

hi WW

i was going to say ring your BCN and ask if you can go in and have a chat to her about your worries… that is what she is there for and although she cant make things go away she may have information to help you get your head a round it.

it is a really worrying time and waiting always seems to be worse than anything else.

will you be having any other tests in the meantime or hospital visits eg for pre-op assessment as they can give you something else to focus on to.

do you have any cancer support centres like a maggies centre where you stay as they may have relaxation or stress management classes which might be helpful to you.


thank you for your lovely comments i shall def keep poping up on here,its so good to have someone other than family to talk to.i had a bit of a panic attack today and ended up at the walkin centre,felt such a fool really they said the tight feeling i have in my back,shoulder and ribs is just anxiety! iv got a pre op on monday 19th and my op on 21st sad about my job really i love what i do and i have 4 meetings a week with lots of lovely members my name will give you a clue to what i do! and i will have to go on rest for a while so someone else will take my meetings over and iv been told i may not get them back,im hoping this will make me get back quicker.i know you might think what a sado worrying about work at a time like this but i just love helping people lose weight and feeling good about themselves.
This morning i went back to bed and had a lovely long sleep which made me feel more human again,my daughter came round and she helped me do my stocktake so more organised today.sorry to go on so long i do find this a great help to just poor it all out onto a screen and hope that someones behind it reading bout me. hopin youv all had a sunshine day today.

Hello Weightwatcher,
It does get a bit panicy at times after dx. I found it much better once I had my op. Then you have something to focus on and you may meet other people like I did in hospital who are having the same treatment as yourself, it sometimes helps to talk to others in the same position.The waiting for results is the worst thing. If you are feeling a bit wobbly at times you can always talk to your BCN or to the people you get friendly with on here.
Glad to hear that you have a loverly supportive daughter to help you,I also get support form my daughter,what would we do without them? But sometimes it’s nice to talk to people who are going through similar things as yourself at a time like this.

Keep in touch,

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

Hello weightwatcher,
Sorry you have had to join us but we are a fun bunch who will help you through the forseeable times, the ladies here are a tower of strength.
I had lumpectomies on both breasts in April (I know I was greedy and had both boobs affected) and node clearance on one side and sentinel node biopsy on other. I felt well before, during and most of the after time too. I have managed to get back to work part time (my employer is being brilliant) and I have a dance school which I have had some help woth but managed to keep running so far…what I’m trying to say is if you love your job, maybe you could try to find a way to keep running for a while longer and you don’t have to give up your classes. Would your daughter give you a hand with carrying and setting up? Just a thought.
Wishing you well, let us know how you get on
Take Care Suze xx


Please do not be afraid. I was dx 10/06/10 opp is 09/07/10. Because it so happend within 4 weeks i have no time to dwell on it i am having a mastectomy. I am going into the unknown myself the joy of the lord is our strenght…Stay strong I will remeber you in my prayers…

Hi Weightwatcher,
Its the begining for me as well. I have to go back to get the results on Monday.
I am scared to death, and cant stop crying. My family and friends have been brilliant, but it cant take away the hurt. I keep wondering “Why me”, I guess you all do. In one way, I feel I cant wait to find out so I know where I stand, but in another I dont want to hear really bad news. I know I am being a baby, and its not a death sentence, but try as I might I am finding it so hard to deal with.
Hope everything goes well for you,

Love and best wishes

Candy xx

Hello Ladies,
I hope you are all feeling ok today, well as ok as posible.
Weightwatcher, how are you doing today, well I hope.
Candy, No way are you being a baby, never think that. It’s very hard to take the initial dx as none of us really expect to be told we have bc no matter how well we prepare ourselves for the possibility.
We all have our wobbly days and it’s nice to come on here and be able to say anything you like to people who know where your coming from as we are all in the same boat to some degree. It’s over seven weeks since I had my op but this morning was’nt a good one and I just had a good cry to my OH. Some times you feel better after that, I’m waiting for my onc app to see what my treatment is going to be, I just wish they would hurry up and get me on the right track, I would feel like I am getting somewhere then.
You have done very well coming to join us here as you will get to know a lot of loverly, very helpful ladies, we are all here for each other,

Take care,

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

oh candy we are all with you,i do know how your feeling its a awful feeling deep in the gut! but as everyone keeps telling me try to keep positive,i found beeing busy is best iv done all my ironing ,cleaned cubaords out had my music on all day or tele carnt bare silence it makes me think too much.there are many inspiring stories on here if you want to read them,i do think it helps a bit to have some knowledge,i felt much better when it was all explained propely to me,feel like i can cope with it,its the unknow thats hardest,keep busy love and monday will soon be here,i wish you lots of luck and many blessings.let us know how you get on,i have to say this sites helping me everyday. x

Hi WW and Candy
Have you been diagnosed by a biopsy? Did they tell you what sort of bc you have? That will make a difference to what might happen next.
BC is not the end of the world. I keep reminding myself that so many people get diagnosed now because of mammogram screening and loads of them get treated and are Ok. I think once diagnosed we’re never the same again and that’s so hard at the beginning, but you may be one of the people that goes on to be ok in the end. The chances are good. It’s just scarey going though it.
It’s Ok and normal to cry. Then come on here to read that lots of other ladies are feeling just the same - like you said WW it does help.
Do let us know your results.

Hi weightwatcher- just found your post, was drawn to it by your name. Will have to address that problem after my return from hols.!
After my dx (Aug.09)I had to wait for them to get me an MRI appt. and also was going on holiday, with surgery booked 4 days after return. This was delayed until the MRI so surgery was eventually 5 weeks after dx. Reading posts on here helped reduce the fear of the unknown. During that time the thing that kept me sane was Rescue Remedy, which I have used for years. The new sweets especially were useful as no-one needed to know I was taking it, could take it every 1/2 hour if required. My breast care nurses were also very helful and supportive. I also used relaxation CD’s.
It is horrid having to wait and get on with normal life knowing what is to come.Try to take one stage at a time, otherwise I found that my brain went into overload and I would panic.
There are already lots of ladies here who at the same stage as you and you will find them a great support. Well, I finished my treatment in May and am off on holiday on Sunday . Good luck for your operation. I will keep my eyes open for posts on your progress.
Positive thoughts and hugs Marli.

Me again,im worried about a lump on the bottom of my leg just above the ankle,until now id thought it was bit of arthritus but its not going away is very painful and my heads going nuts thinking its spread.can cancer spread like this? am i going mad! i will ring my bc nurse tomorrow,rang yesterday but off weekends of course.sorry im just running away with daft ideas.having to wait 2 weeks for my op is making me into a hypocondriac who carnt spell!
got some nytoil last night to help me sleep.but will try the rescue remedy stuff as well.thanks girls x lynne

I haven’t heard of anyone having spread on an ankle so i think you can relax.It’s so worrying though with every ache etc.
Nytol works for me!

thank you for answering me,i love your picture by the way. x

hi spoke to my breast care nurse yesterday,had a few questions,she told me i had a grade 2 intermiate cancer,what ever that means!when i was told on tuesday i couldnt remember what she said about my lymp glands and if it had gone into those,she said by looking at my scan and biopsy results they could not see any movement,so i took this to mean its not in my glands but wont really know until after my lumpectomy on th 21st.feel much better but tired and keep getting hot flushes now.been into town with my daughter shopping and im shattered now. hope your all having a good day today.oh and i found my enya cd out the car,loving floras song,anyone know it? lynne

hello again i feel the need to poor it all out again,i had a the lumpectomy and wsn 10 days ago been told great news that they have all the cancer and none was found in my nodes,so wow thrilled but stuned again by doctors telling me cancer was very aggresive grade 3 and with that in mind i need chemo! i was and still am in shock,as i had never given chemo a thought and was told by nurse and doc that id only need radiotherpy which i had resigned myself to the fact that i could cope with that,told all my friends and family i didnt need chemo. i feel in limbo ,is this normal i was sent home from doctors with a booklet and an appointment in 8 days time and a head full of scared thoughts. its very good for me to just poor it all out on here so please bear with my very upset for my daughter we were talking about my hair today she was asking me if id lose mine! i dont know the answers for her yet,i want to make it alright for her and hate to see my family neibour bought me the paper yesterday with bernie nolans picture in without her hair,what do you say,how do you handle it girls? my hair is fairly long should i go short now so it wont be such a shock!im so osrry to all you girls out there who are going through this also,how do you keep sane? a frend said to try to be around her granchildren helped her,im lucky i have 6 to cuddle and best wishes to you all out there suffering love Lynne xx