The Blossom Appeal

North Manchester General Hospital, the hospital I am under, has a very good breast Care Clinic. They have set up a charity within the clinic Care Clinic called The Blossom Appeal.

Each patient who attends the clinic is entitled to 6 free complementary therapies which are carried out by a Registered Nurse. You can have anything from a facial to a massage or you can just have a chat about how you feel.

I used to have my appointments inbetween Chemo sessions and it really helped me. It made me feel like a human being.

Has anybody else had experience of this type of therapy at their hospital?

Stoke Mandeville CCHU offers 3 complimentary sessions of aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu & indian head massage per patient. I used all my allowance up between treatments & felt they were really beneficial especially the reflexology. Treatments were given by volunteer therapists who were all wonderful, generous people. They didn’t have a “look good, feel good” centre which was a shame as the waiting list for that at my other local hospital is 4 months.

am at oldham which is the same nhs trust but haven’t been advised of this, will ask my bcn as sounds good! ta for the post.

hi tors,
i believe that the blossom appeal is just linked to NMGH patients. But there is a cancer support centre in bury that offers loads of different therapies. I’ve never been as i had the Blossom appeal stuff but they look really good if you check out the website.

I am opening up a cancer support unit in 8 weeks time, we offer 6 complimentary therapies to patients,carers and family members.We are open to anyone in tamworth and its surrounding areas.For further information please call 01827 311665. The Sharon Fox Cancer centre.

I attend blakpool hospital and they also have complementary therapy.
I have attennded one and had reflexology which was lovely. I have another session booked in for next week. I’m not sure how many your entitled to but I will have as many as I can as I find it’s the only time I truly relax.
At blackpool they also have the feel good, look good sessions which I attended last week, it is really good with some really useful tips. You also receive a goody bag filled with products that are donated from top companies such as clinique, lancome etc.
I would recommend putting your name on the waiting list even if it is 4 months.
Chris xx


I was treated at NMGH, and had the treatments from the blossom charity, it was a real comfort, as it seemed to close the loop on the treatment plan. cant thank them enough

keep well