The dreaded recall letter

coming back from 10 days in the sun the letter was on the doormat. It felt fat so I new straight away it was a recall after mamogram.
I have an appointment on monday. I am already dreading like most other people. Only my husband is aware of the recall. Trying to keep calm until monday is really hard. My breasts already feel painful i keep checking for lumps but unable to know what I am feeling for as they both feel lumpy. It is nice reading the comments of the other people. will check in again after I have been.

Hi summer20

So sorry to hear you got the call back. All the best for Monday. Try and take it one step at a time and remember that most call backs end up as nothing serious.

Fingers crossed for you.

Hi summer20,

Good luck on Mon, hope everything goes very well for you x

Summer glad you had a good holiday before you came back to that letter behind the door.

The majority of recalls are for normal breast tissue or benign breast changes. On average we recall about 16 ladies a day and of them we probably average about 4 biopsies of which 2 would be cancers and two to confirm benign changes like fibroadenoma or radial scars. A recall doesn’t neccessarily mean you have cancer and very often until you have more mammos done and an ultrasound the radiologists cannot tell either.

Its recall is really an assessment clinic where we need to look a bit more closely and you will normally need to have views from different angles or magnified views. I know it won’t stop the worrying but you do have a higher chance of being recalled because you dint have cancer than because you do.

Also don’t worry about not feeling anything as very often when we do find cancers through screening they are so small that you wouldnt know about them anyway well not for a very long time.

I hope you don’t need to join us for the long term and that after your recall you can for get about mammos for another 3 years but if it isn’t the news you want there are loads of fab ladies here to help support you through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Love and hugs
Lulu xxx

Thank you ladies for your comments, it is appreciated to talk to people.

I went today and had to have a couple of biopsy’s it was not that painful, I have to wait until the 15th to find out the results. will try and keep busy until then, another cleaning frenzy at least my house will be clean.

glad the biopsies werent too uncomfortable for you… have they given you any indication of what they were biopsying?

back to the waiting game for you… your house will be so spik and span after all the cleaning…

ill be thinking of you on 15th xx

The scans showed two white dots the consultant explained they where very small and she wanted to take biopsy’s of them, to be quite honest it was like i wasn’t in the room. One of them was very deep, I presume this is why I am in pain at the moment, a dull ache all the time, hopefully it will wear off soon.

Biopsies can be very uncomfortable. I was advised NOT to take ibuprofen, but paracetamol was ok as a painkiller. Don’t be surprised if your boob turns all sorts of colours, the bruises can be quite deep, and aches and the odd shooting pain after a biopsy is not unusual.

Good luck with the results.

summer i hope your not too sore for too long… it usually starts to ease the next day but a few people do find it uncomfortable for longer… when will you get your results?

btw we dont tell patients to avoid paracetamol only aspirin containing meds for pain relief.

Lulu x

I am still suffering from Thursdays biopsy not all the time but some shooting pains, the consultant did say that she had to go in deep is this why.

Or should I phone the clinic if it is still not right on Monday, as i have to wait until thursday until I get my results

many thanks everyone


I had shooting pains for weeks after my biopsy. It seemed to even travel down my arm. I phoned my bcn a few times about it. There is no harm in getting it checked, but I would say it is probably your breast reacting to the biopsy.


had a phone call today from the breast clinic to advise that the results are not ready for my appointment tomorrow, i have to wait another week. After a week of worrying and not eating properly I have another week of the same. excuse was the path lab has a problem and other women have the same problem. So now I am worried that there is something wrong The only good thing is my appointment is at 9.30 week tomorrow at least I do not have to wait all day

oh no!! how can you stand it, the tension will have been mounting ready fro tomorrow and now its going to be another weeks wait. But please dont think its because there is something wrong. they dont lie to you nowadays, they tell it like it is. They would not say the path lab had a problem so it is something gone wrong at the lab and not that there is something worrying about your results.

And good that you have a 9.30 appointment now.

Hi I phoned the clinic yesterday and my results had come in but they had not had time to discuss the full result. I have to go for an mri next week but they said I had grade 2 invasive lobular carcinoma. Not feeling to good today about it. At least I know and have not got to wait. got another appointment for the 29th with the doctors to discuss the mri. thanks everyone

Hi Summer20 - I have grade 3a invasive lobular carcinoma - it’s responding very well to chemo. Do you know yet if there is node involvement?

Summer I’m sorry to hear your news after all the waiting you have had.

Hope the MRI doesn’t show up anything else. Will be thinking of you on the 29th xxx

Can anyone help with my delemma. Since being diagnosed I have been quite calm but I am not sure if it is to do with anxiety but I have low abdominal pain but not all the time and hae trouble with the lack of bowel movements. The more I read the scarier I become thinking the cancer has spread to that area I have got an appointment next thursday to get the results from my mri to find out what they planned to do regarding treatment. I am not sure to wait until then or should I see my own doctor and ask. When I press my stomach there is a slight pain but not sure if it is all in my head. Just a little bit frightened of all what is happening at the moment

Hi summer 20
I had stage 2 invasive lobular in 2006 at 60 years of age. I had a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction + Chemotherapy + radiotherapy. I am due to retire at Christmas. (65) Please believe me – any pain –headache – sore feet – I related to my diagnoses. Your mind goes into over drive. I am still here – still worry – but enjoying life. Let us know how you get on.

Love and take care
Thistle xx

hi summer… sorry to hear you have joined the club no one wants to join… but all the members are lovely… i had a different type of cancer to you , but i also had tummy ache , head ache , knee ache , you name it … and it ache,d … i think the stress you have been under since having the first mammogram , getting the recall letter, and sitting in the waiting room worrying yourself sick the stress of the biopsys and back in the waiting room … then the mri … its like sitting on a rollercoaster ride none stop for weeks and i believe all the built up feelings we all have … need to come out somewhere…our mind is a cruel thing … it wonders off to some very dark places and plays horrible tricks on us , your at the moment in the possition where you know some things … but you dont know the full facts… so your mind is working overtime and doing its best to convince you to think the worst … i think a lot of people … me included suffer with bowel symptoms when we are under stress… either constipated or cant keep off the loo at all … thats normal … it does not mean somethings wrong …you will probably find most of the symptoms aches pains etc will subside when you learn more… and you have a treatment plan in front of you … please let us know how you get on at your appointment… angie xx PS… keep off google … its not up to date… its not always true … and it scares you whitless …DONT GOOGLE x

hi, poor you. You may be feeling quite calm, but your body is probably in shock. i would go to the chemist and get some laxatives to start to get your digestion going again. I really do not think this is a sign of spread. If they dont work why not ring the helpline up, they are trained nurses and will advise you well.