The dreaded recall letter

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I had my first mammorgam at 47 as a pilot scheme in our area in a mobile unit this was all clear. Had my second one at 50 on 3rd June in the mobile unit. Today had a recall letter to go to the main Breast Assessment Centre 30 miles away. All booked in for next Friday (24th) should have been 21st but my daughter is booked for a tonsillectomy that day!!! Clearly worried as everyone who gets a recall letter naturally will be. Its all the “what ifs”. Why can’t I go back to the mobile unit up the road for another scan? That immediately sets alarm bells ringing, that its not a technical problem. Arrgggh why is life so stressful and all comes at once!!!

Hi Amanda - all the people I’ve known who’ve had a recall letter have had to go to a hospital breast care unit. Sometimes it can be something like the mammogram just wasn’t clear enough but if it is something else then the ball will get rolling quickly. I hope it will be good news for you xx

Hi Amanda, and welcome to the forum no one wants to join…

I think we get called back to a hospital centre rather than just going back to the mobile centre because the hospital have many more diagnostic tools. I was told that my appointment could be at least 2 hours and I think it was. It will be different for each one of us , but if it’s any help, I’ll tell you about my experience.


I first had more mammograms. Then I saw the consultant radiologist, who did an ultra sound. I then had 10 core biopsies ( completely painless, honestly, I was amazed), then had a round up with the Breast Care Nurse. So, there was some hanging around, but it felt like they were getting all the info they needed in one appointment, rather than calling me back for each procedure.

So, as your leaflet will have said, you may well be not one of the women who have anything of concern, and if you have anything that needs further examination , you are at the right place.

So all the best and let us know how you get on, Caroline


hi amanda, as anita & caroluna say, it is completely usual to be recalled to the assessment centre as all the facilities are there to get to the bottom of the issue. If further investigations are required, it’s done there & then. Statistically, 3 out of 4 women recalled get the all clear.
Of course it’s an anxious time, but as you’ve had one clear scan, if there is a problem it’s likely to be have been caught early so that it can be swiftly dealt with. Having been through this where a problem was picked up early on my 2nd routine mammogram, I am very grateful to the screening programme. It did its job!
let us know how you get on…

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