the first step over!

hi all,wlc and snb 2day over and done with!yay!thanx 4 all ur reassuranc bout the op,wasnt as bad as i imagined with being an op virgin!maz and tracey,so sorry ur both feeling so rough!everything crossed ur on the mend soon.hope all who had surgery or treatment 2 day r ok?there were quite i few of us i think.running on adrenalin now i reckon,then back 2 the waiting wishes to all,love alex xxxx

Well done. So glad to hear all went well. Take it easy over next few days. When I had my SNB and WLE it was the first time I’d ever had a general anaethetic and I was so nervous. Keep up with feeling positive!


Welcome home, rest rest rest, and don’t worry if you get teary, that can be an after-effect of the general anaesthetic.

Good luck for keeping a lid on the anticipation for results, that’s the pits. But I’m sure you feel good that at least you’ve got started with dealing with this.

Night night, sweet dreams, and keep popping the painkillers as long as you need them, there are no prizes for how much discomfort you can be in.

so happy this part is over for you and it all went well i can only say wot you have been told already rest rest and more rest try not to do anything with yr arm other than wot you have too thats 1 thing i went wrong with hope you have a good nights sleep were hear if you need us hun
gentle hugs comming your way

So glad to hear the first step is over for you, I have been thinking of you today. Take care and I hope you feel a bit better soon.

Hi Alex

Well done girl, thats one giant step now taken and under your belt, welcome back to the “waiting room” with me and Maz. Knew you would be ok, like you said its very straight forward really but I can totally understand your fears and apprehension.

So as said by all, rest and more rest is required. It was day two after surgery I struggled with emotions and I know that Maz experienced similar so do not be surprised if you have a very teary day yourself. Just let it all out, this is a difficult time and you need to be kind to yourself.

I hope you had a good nights sleep as that helps immensely. I am sending lots of gentle hugs your way.

Tracy xxx

thanx 4 ur msgs ladies!bit of crap nites sleep cos find it hard 2 sleep on my back.feeling ok but sore,boob worse than armpit but hope it stays that way-eh tracy and maz!!!hope ur both bit brighter 2 day? got rotten tummyache.not sure if painkillers or the rather dodgy looking sandwich i ate in hosp yday that i normally wouldnt have touched with a bargepole but i was starving ps not constipated but the opposite!! off for shallow bath,feel yucky and stinky!!love and stuff alex xxx

hi ladies
im happy to say i had my first nights sleep in my own bed last night i did wake up 3/4 times but soon went back off, the arm is getting better but carnt say the same for my mouth its killing me never drank so much in 1 year than i have this past few days think ill need another trip to see doc side effects to the meds i think .
alex hope yr tummy feels better soon i still feel like im bloated or im just getting even fatter sitting on my arse all day dont help lol as for sleep have you tried sleeping on your side as if cuddling a pillow (rest arm on one ) thats how i did it but only on sofa couldnt do it in bed i think hubby take up too much room hope you enjoy yr bath hun i was in it every day by day 4 dressings were off i love a soak so i just had to have one altho my breast still has a fake tan effect thats like to come off on white bras it better wash out
you rest up hun xxxx
tracy how are you feeling? hope the meds have started to work for you and you are now staringt to feel a little norm
tc both of you maz xxxx

hi, glad ur back in your bed maz!i will try the pillow thing 2nite. i sleep on my left side(surgery side)so well uncomfy.just sent my mum off 2 asda ror new plump pillows!i know it early days 4 me but the bra thing?i had wle low down on boob.imagine where an underwire sits and just up a cm or so.prob will give a good cosmetic result but really not bothered bout that.bought couple of well soft sleep bras but rub on incision! have a 36dd size so feel i need a bit of uplift to get a bit of air etc to incision but the buggers ride up and chafe!currently lettin em hang out!i dont care but hope that wont hinder the healing u maz,just the cami or vest tops r comfy.brising coming out beautifully!ha ha!tracy,hope u had betta day hun?i cant stop eating now!tummy bit better.god i lost a stone after dx,think i got my appetite back now.overdid it abit 2day,have now realised im not invincible and need 2 slow down a alex xxx

ps maz, iam so thirsty too! never drank so much water or squash in my life!xx

I posted on another thread for you Alex glad you doing as well as can be expected, I’m ok too bit sore and as I said stinking cold!but gonna join you in the waiting room…is this all we ever do…wait, this time waiting for SNB result…X