The Hair's Gone!

The Hair’s Gone!

The Hair’s Gone! Wow! How did that happen? Yesterday I had a full head of hair (though aware it was a bit loose and fragile). Last night it felt really itchy and uncomfortable, so I went to give it a good comb - and there it wasn’t! Half an hour of good theraputic tugging later I had a bald scalp and a full carrier bag of hair. I kind of wasn’t expecting it to be quite as SUDDEN as that!

Three things struck me:

  1. It felt brilliant. What a relief to get rid of it! No more itchy, sore scalp, no more waiting, and it’s so cool and bare. Just wish I was 25, 5’10" and had cheekbones, so I could keep it like this without risking scaring small children.

  2. My scalp is white and doesn’t match my face at all! Obvious really, it just never occurred to me before …

  3. A few tufty bits left sticking up - I looked like a kohlrabi plant. So the long-suffering husband shaved it for me this morning. Big improvement.

My 4-yr old daughter is very puzzled that she still can’t find the eyes in the back of my head; but not to worry, as the 12-yr old son is desperate to paint some on for me …

This really feels like the next milestone is out of the way, and the only way to go is forward.

Cheers. Stockbeck

Stockbeck Hi Stockbeck
Just wanted to say your message made me feel a whole lot better.
I have just had a 4th treatment together with cold cap use. Hoping it will keep my small fringe, short back and sides look for maybe a few more days. But have felt ashamed that sometimes I feel Id be relieved when its all gone. No more hair in the sink etc. No more worrying about y 3 year old - I know hell take it in hi stride. It will be another bridge crossed, its inevitable. But reading your version of events and how you feel has been a great boost and I dont feel so daunted.

I have also noticed the xtra whiteness where the hair has gone as I have a huge bald patch on top and alot gone from the sides of my forehead. My bald spot is now complete with large scabby graze where I banged it on the wendy house door frame. Youve go to laugh, and besides I cant see it.

Husband is refusing to shave ihair off this week as I can still wear a baseball cap and he is scared he gets it wrong in some way and I would end up blaming him for the TOTAL hair loss thing - could happn when I am being irrational. So hes got a point. Maybe week after. Ill let you know when it happens ! Hope I can be cheerful as you about it, but know now I wont be alone in feeling relieved.


Stockbeck and Jane

You did make me laugh! I made my friend give me a number 1 on Thursday and then my other half shaved the rest of in the shower so I am completely bald, although Ive kept some wispy bits on side of face next to ears (woman in wig shop said it helped to make wig look more natural!) and it does seem to! However, it looks totally ridiculous without wig. Now taken to wearing baker boy caps backwards indoors, my 7 year old thinks its the trendiest thing she has ever seen! I doubt my 17 year old will agree though! Cant see me going out in them either! But at least they look better than the cut off tights on the head that I was wearing!

Strange thing is where Ive shaved my hair off its already coming back in places! Very strange! Also still have eyebrows and eyelashes - I have no intention of getting rid of these. Down under is sparse but still there - no Brazilian yet! And of course Im still shaving the legs!

Anyone have any idea when eyebrows and eyelashes will fall out if indeed they do? Mine are dark like my hair and quite thick so I fear I will look really ridiculous without them!

Pauline x

Mine’s going! Well you lot have cheered me up a bit :-)))

My head has been itchy for a few days, and everytime I touch it long strands keep coming out, so I don’t suppose it will be long before I join the “skinheads”! Gotta say, I am so not looking forward to seeing myself hairless…at 57 I ain’t no Gail Porter!


hair hello i felt awful when my hair went ,id lost it twice!! and now after my treatment has finished its about 3 inchs long and CURLY!! was long and straight before so dont know whether it will stay that way. also lost my eyelashes and ALL my body hair which is slowly coming back as well . i used to get people staring when i had the bandanas on now i blend in . wishing you all well with your treatments, love lynn x

Baldies unite!! Hiya stockbeck and fellow baldies,

your posts have really struck a chord with me! I got my OH to shave my hair down to a No 3 straight after my 1st chemo (epi) last month. I then waited and waited… scalp got v.v.sore but no hair loss. Convinced myself that I was going to be a medical miracle. The only person to keep all their hair during chemo AND without the help of a cold cap! Oh how wrong I was! Went for my 2nd epi, head sore but hair still v.much clinging on and my nurse assured me it WOULD come out after that epi. Oh how right she was!! Even though it was already seriously short as OH had taken it down to a No2 it was everywhere! I couldn’t touch or move my head without it falling out. Ended up getting the shower hose on it and staying in the bathroom 'til I’d pretty much washed it all out! Remaining tufts were then taken down to a No1. What a relief!!

Stockbeck your are soooo right! It was such a relief to no longer have a sore scalp. And, like you, I have discovered that I have a totally white head, and to make matters worse its got a weird little sort of lump on it. Hmmm, how attractive!! Together with my tufty bits I look a right picture, NOT!! Think I scared the living daylights out of the children next door the other day, not really what I wanted. Feel like shrek!! Eyebrows and eyelashes still hanging in there though, hurrah!! Mind you, I can’t remember the last time I had to pluck my eyebrows and I normally would be doing it every few days. Lost most of my hair from all over (if you know what I mean!), although still having to shave my legs! Only once a week now though so can’t complain really.

You’re totally right about this being another milestone out of the way. Onwards and upwards, and may we all soon be sporting a gorgeous new head of hair!

Take care,


Me Too!!! Hi to all with hair migrating south to the floor!

Your messages have put a smile on my face and I don’t feel so alone.

After having my long hair cut short into a bob about 3 weeks ago just before my 1st FEC I have spent the past few evenings watching tv combing my fingers through my hair and collecting the hairs in a plastic bag. I knew I had thick hair but would never have believed how much I had!!

I honestly thought I would have been extremely traumatised by having my hair cut and eventually all of it falling out but so far it hasn’t bothered me as much as I expected. Today was the first day I felt I needed to wear a hat when I went out because of the thinning and bald patches and I am now considering just getting rid of the rest of it - I’ve had enough of hair all over the place. So that’ll be a little job for hubby to do tomorrow.

Fingers crossed the eyebrows and the eyelashes will hang in there.

Hugs to all :slight_smile:


PS Any suggestions on how to make good use of a plastic bag full of hair would be much appreciated!!!

Most of mine went very quickly 2 weeks after first FEC. Now nearly 2 weeks after the second the last 10% is on its way out. It’s really weird that tingling feeling when you know which area is going to disappear tomorrow.

It hasn’t upset me at all,surprisingly. In a way it’s telling me the chemo is working. I am having great fun experimenting with brighty coloured scarves. I have a wig but havent worn it yet.

Love to all my fellow baldies

Sharon x

Losing hair Dear all fellow baldies!

Thank you all for posting on this subject.
I am 99% bald after having my 2nd Epi and was feeling really sorry for myself as i quite liked my shoulder length dark hair and i had not had it short since i was about 4yrs old, but having read your posts you have cheered me up no end!

I am going to collect my wig on Monday, I don’t know if i like it or not as it felt hot and heavy when i was trying it on in the wig shop, so i may just stick to the scarves anyway.

Just a quick question, how soon after stopping Epi does the hair start to grow back? Any feed back would be appreciated.

Best wishes to you all in all your future treatments.


After epi regrowth Hi Candy,

I have 1 more epi to go then I switch to CMF. The staff at the chemo day centre have all said that my hair will almost certainly start to grow back as soon as I start the CMF. They reckon i’ll have a little sinead o’connor in no time! Have spoken to other ladies who have also had e-cmf and they have all said that there’s grew back whilst on the cmf.

Don’t know about you but I’m really curious to see what my hair grows back like. God I hope it doesn’t come back grey! Before I lost it there was defo the odd grey hair coming through and I was no stranger to hair dye!

Take care and hope this helps,


P.S. I have 2 gorgeous wigs but have only worn them a couple of times as I find them I much prefer to wear my scarves, and if people wanna stare, as they sometimes do then I just let 'em!

thanks for replying Hello Kelly,

Thanks for replying, that sounds good something to look forward to. We may have hair for Christmas then.

I am on the Tact2trial and on arm number 4, so the Epi is accelerated and then i start on Capecitabine (Xeloda), which are in a tablet form, so no more injecting in to my veins,which is a blessing as they are now shot and keep shuting down on me,my arm is still sore to touch after the second Epi.

I also had a few grey hairs and wonder if my hair will grow back grey. I don’t mind curly, it will save me a fortune on perms.

Having read alot of your posts i think we are near in age, iam 40yrs old and had the op on the 10th of April, so a little way behind you so it’s nice to see how you are getting on .

Keep in touch


Hair Bare United… Hi all,

Had to comment on the hair thingie having read all your wonderful posts, which really cheered me up today.

I started losing my hair after first FEC and now just had second lot, and it’s all down the plughole - only eyebrows/lashes are left. Not looking forward to losing these, though have found a very good eyebrow makeup by Benefit called Browzings - it’s a wax and powder which you use together to create an eyebrow, even if you have no hairs there. Just thought I’d mention it, you can get it in departments stores, I got mine in Debenhams - bit pricey though, about £20 but apparently lasts ages and ages, so worth it in my book.

I’m also glad to have lost the last little bit of fluff on my head as was very itchy and sore in places, which made wearing wig difficult for any length of time. I’ve found E45 cream very useful, it seems to calm the scalp.

Was thinking of using one of those moisturises with tanning ablities on scalp just to even out the difference in skin tones, not sure if safe to use though, will have to check.

Just think when that terrible hot, sticky weather comes, no more head-sweat!!! Keep smiling…

Morgaina xxx

I would just like to say that you have all put a smile on my face. I “lost” my hair in January, but always had a 12o’clock shadow of hair. Two days ago, a woman asked me where I had my haircut as she thought it was a great look!! I never lost my eyebrows, or eyelashes (had 6 FEC) but lost the hair in the nether region. My eyelashes seem to be longer, and I will soon have to start waxing down below.

Sarah x

hi fellow bal’heads! I, too , was amazed at how quickly the hair went- I had short hair anyway but it was driving me mad, falling out all over the place- especially couldn’t stand it when cooking, so I got my daughter to shave the last itty bits off after my second epi on Monday. I now have a beautifully smooth if rather white (and a bit eggshaped) scalp. I always suspected the loss of hair wouldn’t bother me that much and it doesn’t. After all, it’s going to grow back and it really helps me hang on to the fact that if it’s only temporarary, then the other symptoms of the epi that I am struggling with (total loss of fitness and strength, extreme fatigue especially in the first week) they will pass too. Today has been a particularly tough day, seven days on, even hanging out the washing is an exhausting task and I can hardly crawl up the stairs. It seems worse than the first epi- hope they don’t get progressively worse each time. But last time I felt better in the second week so I’m hoping for that this time.
Best of luck to all you other bal’heads out here- and if you’re approaching the same point in your chemo, remember, you have nothing to lose but your tufts.

Just read your post and tears rolled down my face with laughter. You really cheered me up this afternoon. My hair has started falling out in handfuls this weekend and am preparing for the bare look. This is the bit of my treatment i have been dreading, not anymore!
Good luck with the rest of your treatment

Hair Back Hiya All

Just to reassure all you lovely ladies. I had 4 x Epi and have just had my 2nd CMF and my hair is about 1/4 inch long (woohoo) and I never lost my eyebrows or eyelashes. Everything else seems to be growing back as well, but the funny thing is ‘down below’ still has the porn star look in the middle, but the bikini line has started to come back (do you think chemo has a sense of humour).

Just thought you could do with a giggle!

Love Julie x

Thanks jez and hi candy! Hi Julie,

thanks for posting, it made me chuckle. I have 1 more epi to go and then I switch to CMF. The nurses at the chemo day centre had told me that my hair would almost certainly grow back when I change over and its a relief to hear you say that yours has! My eyebrows and lashes are still hanging on in there and for that I am eternally grateful. Mind you, I can’t remember the last time I had to pluck my eyebrows (not that I’m complaining!).

Anyway, thanks again. Particularly for sharing your porn star musings with us! Too much info? Certainly not!

Hi Candy,

I know where you’re coming from re; vein probs. As if we haven’t got enough to deal with! Hair by christmas will be awesome so I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for us all!

Take care and I wish you well for the rest of your treatment,

Cheers ladies,


isn’t it interesting that your post has the most replies in such a short time, hair loss seems to be what concerns most of us the most!
I am on AC and Taxotere and having the last one tomorrow (Hurrah)

I lost most of my hair quickly, I shaved what was left with my husband’s shaver, but still had a few tufty bits that grew back slightly. After my sixth Tax it began to grow back, but very slowly, at first it was white and fuzzy like a dandelion but now dark hair is growing through, not enough to go out au naturel but almost a complete head covering. Unfortunately it does appear to have a few more grey patches than i had before!! but then i had had my hair highlighted for nearly 20 years, so can’t really remember what colour I should be expecting. Plus the stresses and worries of this bl**dy cancer are enough to give anyone extra grey hairs!!

As to eyelashes and brows they have thinned considerably but are still hanging in there. My brows need a touch of pencil to ‘colour them in’ and lashes need lots of mascara if I’m going out, but they’re still there, which is wonderful!

As to children, my 11year old son was horrified when he saw me bald , he said that i looked like an alien (but I know what he means my head is also a little egg shaped!)and doesn’t want to see it, so I wear a hat around the house. He wouldn’t forgive me if I went out with him or to pick him up from school if I wasn’t wearing a wig though!

At first I was greatful that I would be at this stage in the summer and be able to hide my diminished eyes behind sunglasses, but now when the sweat is building up under my wig I change my mind!

Anyway love to all you baldies, Sinead O’Connor lookalikes and ladies with grey fuzz, curls whatever. Your crowning glories will be back before you know it!

Take care Nicky XX

Blowin in the wind Thanks to all you guys who have made me laugh and also not feel so bad about losing my hair. I think laughing is the best way to deal with it as there is nothing we can do about it. My hair started moulting last week and is now coming away in chunks. In fact as soon as I look at it more comes out! I was scared to go out tody as it was so windy and had visions of walking along the road and all my hair blowing off like a cartoon character and me standing there bald! Off to the wig place tomorrow (tues) and will be happy to have it shaved off (if there is any left by tomorrow that is!)