Has anyone attended The Haven in Fulham? What was the experience like? I have signed up for their 2 day introductory course for Feb 2008 and I would be interested to know what to expect.

Thank you

Hi MouseH

I have been and still go from time to time. I only did the first day of the intro as the 2nd was cancelled as someone was ill. there were about 6 of us, I took my mum. We had a good group chat, interesting talks from nutrituionist and about organic beauty products. Best bit was the lovely relaxation parts which were so chilled - I felt like a different person!

I have had surgery, chemo, rads and now having herceptin and it wasn’t until I finished rads that I felt able to go and do something like that. I hadn’t felt that I wanted to meet other people in case I found out mine was the worst case etc etc you know how it is! But actually it was so great to meet people and find out their fears are the same as yours. Also, to be able to feel a bit useful to people who were going through chemo or yet to start rads and I could share my experience.

I really hope you like it. Have you see the building? It’s a really lovely place - there is a fountain inside, lots of stained glass - it’s a converted church. I have also had some reflexology and aromatherapy massage there which was very nice too. The people are lovely

Do you live nearby? I’m in Wandsworth and being treated at St Georges in Tooting altho I had my rads at Marsden in Fulham.

Hope you’re doing well

L xx

Hie Lizalou

I am on cycle 3 of my chemo (6 cycles in total), has a mastectomy in October 2007. I just feel I need to be doing something I am going crazy being at home. So I thought I would sign up and learn something, try something new.

I live in Croydon and have my treatment at The Royal Marsden in Sutton. So going to The Haven will be different area and hopefully this will inspire me to be more out and about.

I am looking forward to it and I will let you know how i get on. Thanks for the info

Hi Mouse,

I’m going on 4th and 5th Feb too - I’m hoping to get some counselling that will sort my head out! I watched the dvd they send you last night and I’m really looking forward to going! I live in Eltham, so not so far from you. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction in April this year, but was lucky to get away with no other treatment except tamoxifen as there was no spread. I’m going on my own btw - all my family live too far away and don’t really want to go with a friend.

I’ll be looking out for you!

Sally xx


can someone tell me what the haven is?

Can anyone go? How much is it? Where is it?

I have never heard of it.

thank you


Hello Fayjay69

The Breast Cancer Haven is a centre for breast cancer patients and their families to go to receive counselling, complementary therapies, food and nutrition tips and I’ve quoted from the leaflet below:

“Our Haven Programme is free of charge and has been designed to help you feel better and encourage you to develop a healthier lifestyle. It is flexible and can be taken before, during or after medical treatment.”

They have all sorts of therapies, groups and classes and after a consultation with a Senior Therapist they create a personal Haven programme to meet your specific needs. They also do telephone consultations if you can’t get there.

You can look at their website (hopefully the web address won’t be edited out) or you can google breast cancer haven. Their London tel no is 020 7384 0099 - they also have a centre in Hereford.

Hope this helps - I’m really looking forward to going.

Sally xx

Hie Sally

I am going on the same days as you are. I too am going on my own, it was too much hassle to ask anybody to go with me, friends have got to work, maternity leave and all sorts. I want to go on my own because this about me and for me, I didn’t want to feel I have mask my feelings by taking a friend so i don’t upset them too much with how I am not really coping.

So yeah looking forward to it and see you there.


Thanks for the info.

It is a shame it is so far away from me.

I will keep looking.


Just to let you know attended The Haven introduction and retreat days. Best thing I ever did. It gave me a wonderful opportunity of meeting different women going through various treatments and different stages of their treatment.

Felt so reassured that I am not a freak, it is happening and it has happened, life carries on. It was a good opportunity to just offload what I am feeling without being afraid.

It is in such a beautiful building like its protecting you from all the hurt and pain. Very calming and spiritual setting. The staff were brilliant felt welcomed and listened to. I reccommend anybody who can go there to do just that.


I also did the Introduction and Retreat days and thought they were wonderful - v.v.reassuring.

It’s a wonderful place - I can’t recommend it highly enough! Everyone there is absolutely lovely. Even just stepping in the door is an oasis of calm and, best of all, the programme is free!

Can you stay there, or is it just a day thing?

Is it a one day thing or a few days?

Hi everyone
I have been to The Haven in Hereford, a wonderful place. Fayjay the retreats are usually held on two days at Hereford and you attend daily as they do not offer accomodation. Can really recommend the place.
Alison x

Can anyone recommend somewhere to stay that is near the Haven? Either London or Hereford?
Do they cater for woman with secondaries?
Is it something you attend on your own?
I suppose I should really contact them direct should’nt I. But it is always good to get feedback from people who have actually been there.

Hi there fayjay, I live about an hour from Hereford so can travel. It might be worth phoning them up as I am sure either place could recommend accomodation.
I am sure that they cater for women withj secondaries.
I went with OH and they were very welcoming to him, I am sure they would welcome friends or family as well. They do do group sessions for partners which I have been told are very good.
I only went a few times as chemo has been a bit gruelling but after my op in March I intend to do the retreat.You also get quite a few free sessions including counselling The breast nurse is very good and said sometimes women just like to go in to see her for a good cry.
I found it a warm very welcoming place that you are surrounded by women in the same situation as yourself. You go away feeling uplifted and hopeful.
Best of luck
Alison x

Hi, does anyone know of anything similar in my area? I live in Hornchurch in Essex and would like somewhere similar to go to. I can also offer treatments myslef as I’m qualified in Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Holistic Facial Massage and Swedish Massage. I’d love to be able to give something back.

Hi trumum

do you have access to a breastcare nurse? It may be worth asking them about local complementary therapy provision. At the hosp I attended they have a macmillan centre that offers therapies, advice etc. Or perhaps look at the macmillan website or contact them?

Hi Serenity05, I have access to a Breast Care Nurse but my treatment is being done at the Royal Marsden in Chelsea and I live in Essex an hour away by train so am looking for something nearer. But Ill try looking on the Macmillan website.

Hi again trumum

I have found a centre in chelmsford - is that any good to you? Sorry, don’t know essex very well. Not sure if I’m allowed to put a link but it is the Helen Rollason centre - they offer therapies, advice counselling etc a bit like the Haven I expect. I think there is also a macmillan type centre linked to Epping hospital?

Not sure if you realise but the Haven is very close to the Royal Marsden Hosp - depending on appointment times etc you may be able to combine a visit to the Haven on one of your hosp days. Obviously not after chemo though, but perhaps before?

Just a thought, hope this helps.

Hi All,

I work at the Breast Cancer Haven in Hereford. It is lovely to see such positive feedback on this page - thank you.

Please do call either Haven if you have any questions London T:200 7384 0099 Hereford T: 01432 361061

Best wishes, Frankie.