The lesbian and bisexual women’s section of the forum

This section is for lesbians and bisexual women (and your friends and family) to discuss issues related to your breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and care, and other breast cancer related issues.

In line with how similar sections of the forum work across the site (the younger women’s section, family & friends’ section, secondary breast cancer section) people who don’t fall into this group are welcome to post in this section, when those contributions are relevant to the topic being discussed. We do ask forum members to respect the focus of the section, in this case: issues faced by lesbian and bisexual women, and to bear this in mind when choosing whether to post.

There are currently a relatively small number of out lesbian and bisexual women using the Breast Cancer Care forum, and of course many choose to post elsewhere on the forum. This means that not all posts in this section will receive the same volume or frequency of posts as other sections, and we ask forum members to be patient with this.