The little things that make a BIG difference

Hi Ladies,

If you haven’t read the book The little things that make a BIG difference that I received through the post you all must it is the best book i’ve read.

Love to all

Jenna x x x

I picked one up when I was at a seminar in London last week that was about living with secondary bc (hello all you bc forum ladies there!). I picked up the BCC booklet about standards of care for sec bc too. They were both very interesting and I took them to the oncology unit today when I went for my zometa so they could have a look there. None of the nurses had seen them but hopefully the books may come in handy when they have some secondary patients in.


I got one at the seminar last week too and it’s been really interesting to read it - I had read some of the tips online but that was a while ago when there weren’t so many. I’ve taken a copy to my counsellor and I’m going to see if they have one at my oncology clinic too. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Another post about the booklet:

I took a copy (+ 4 of the bookmarks) to my clinic appointment yesterday. My BCN was very pleased to receive it as she’d attended a conference (run by BCC! :wink: ) recently and had looked for a copy but there were none left!

Keep up the good work for us, BCC…