the longest person on xeloda

hi all i just want to ask a question my onc is saying the longest person he knows on xeloda is a yr i know there is a couple of plp on here thats gone way past that was just wondering who as been on it the longest as it can work for many yrs and the way ive been spoke to is that being tn im lucky if i get a yr out of it many thanks laura

Hi Laura,

I’ve been on Xeloda since last june and my most recent scans a couple of months ago showed definite improvement in my tumours. However, if you look on a thread entitled “Xeloda and the week off” you will see posts from lots of Xeloda princesses, and our Xeloda queen who has been on it for 8 years!

Julie x

hi yea ive seen that thread i know the lady u mean isnt it great to hear that was wondering out of intreast really after talking to my onc