The longest week of my life

I had a core biopsy Tuesday last week and am getting my results tomorrow. It’s been a terrible week of waiting. And before that it was a a terrible couple of weeks waiting to be seen by the consultant for the first appointment.
My mother died of lung cancer when she was just 31 and there’s lots more history of cancer in my family. I haven’t been able to go to work whilst I’ve been waiting. I feel a bit dramatic sat at home in such a state but I just can’t shrug off the worry.
Since the biopsy I’ve been getting pain all around my breast, but especially just above it and also into my arm pit.
I just wanted to say hello really and make my self feel useful by offering my support to others. Hopefully all of us waiting will get good news. Fingers crossed to us all.

Hi K, it is a terrible time the waiting, your mind goes into overdrive you just can’t help it, keep talking, really hope all goes well for you tomorrow, fingers and toes crossed and lots of hugs xx

Hi Storm

Our helpliners are on hand today 9-5 if you feel it would help to talk things over, please feel free to call 0808 800 6000

Take care


Hi Storm. The waiting is soooo bad, I agree your mind goes into overdrive. I remember, I couldn’t really focus on anything apart from what if… I do hope the results will be good for you to tomorrow, are you taking anyone with you to help keep you sane? I will check back tomorrow…big hugs. Xxxxxxx

HI, just wanted to say good luck with your results. I am nearly at the end of surgery and radiotherapy, so there is an end to the very fast roller coaster. Give yourself a break, I come from a family where both my parents died from Cancer and all my grandparents so in someways that helped because in my head I knew it would introduce itself to me, emtionally is very different but you will get there. Big Hugs

Hi K
I too had a core biopsy done and afterwards my breast really hurt. I really was in pain for weeks afterwards lots of brusing etc… I spoke to my GP and she said that the inside of the breast would be black and blue and would be painful for quite sometime afterwards. She also said that some people suffer from breast trauma and in time it will ease. I had my biopsy done 19th of December and the pain is now really staring to ease so hang on in there.
Good luck with your results for tomorrow I will be thinking of you

Annabelle x

Good luck for tomorrow Storm, and yes, take someone with you for support and also to help you remember what is being said to you. Lots of hugs xxx

Thanks everyone for your kind support. My partner is coming with me tomorrow. I’ve lost so many to cancer it’s been hanging over my head for many years now. I’ll be truly amazed if I don’t have it. Good luck to all you guys. I’ll let you know how I get on. Hugs back to you all. xxx

Hi Storm,
Best of luck tomorrow. In my so far short experience, (preliminary diagnosis and surgery, now waiting for histology results) we will experience flurries of appointments punctuated with what feel like long periods of waiting. Not knowing seems worse than the reality. Take someone for support and another pair of ears, my OH and I remember things differently! These forums have been a great source of comfort and information, I hope you find that too.
Best wishes

Hi Storm1
Wishing you all the very best for results tomorrow, we all fully understand how you feel with the waiting around, you are not being dramatic, it’s so very difficult to concentrate on anything whilst waiting for results. I lost my sister to breast cancer and one of my children has lung cancer so i fully understand how you feel. Do let us know how you get on.
GOOD LUCK for tomorrow!!!

The waiting is horrible isn’t it?
I lost my sister to lung cancer (aged 49) and my much loved next door neighbour, (for 28 years!) to lung cancer too, just a year after his wife had had major surgery for duodenal cancer. (She’s still with us: a bit weak, but cancer free and getting better!) When I got my dx shortly after our neighbour died, I went to pieces. My BCN was very firm with me, pointing out that BC is VERY different from lung cancer - or any other sort - and the prognosis usually MUCH better. So hold that thought as you go for your results tomorrow.

Here’s hoping your results come back with good news. xx

Hi to everyone,
Unfortunately I got bad news. I have to go back on tuesday for another ultrasound and also a mammogram to look for any signs of the cancer spreading. At the moment they say they are hopeful that it hasn’t and that the plan is for me to have the lump removed and then give me chemo and radiotherapy.
I strangely felt lighter yesterday once I knew, but today I just feel numb. It feels like I’ve heard bad news about a good friend or something.
I don’t really know what else to say right now.
Good luck and hugs to the rest of you still waiting. xx

Storm, I am so sorry that is was bad news and my thoughts will be with you on Tuesday. The waiting room is so bad, but hopefully a treatment plan will be initiated on Tuesday and you can start to move forward slowly. Big hugs xxxxxxxx

I am so sorry the news wasn’t good. All you can do between now and Tuesday is spoil yourself rotten - plenty of treats and perhaps a couple of trips out to blow away the cobwebs and take your mind off things. A lunch or coffee date with friends is always good, a bit of retail therapy, and in my case a humungous bar of chocolate. I know it sounds bizarre, but once you get a definite treatment plan you will feel better.

Good luck for Tuesday xxx

So sorry to hear your news. Good luck with all your treatment. x

Hi Storm
It’s good to hear they are still hopeful it has not spread in which case it will be news to have caught it so early. I hope that turns out to be the case.
I felt the same as you when I got my preliminary diagnosis of DCIS as my Mum and Grandmother died from breast cancer (Mum had it at 40 yrs). I too would have been surprised if it had been negative. I am relieved that it has been picked up from a mammogram and I know that treatment has progressed since Mum’s diagnosis 18 years ago.
I just want to start ticking off the appointments now (I have a WLE tomorrow) and to get the results back from that. Hopefully I can carry on with all my plans then!
Have been treating myself well (spa day and lunches out!) and as Lola65 says getting out and about is good. Just try to be kind and compassionate to yourself.
Hope all goes well XXX

Just wanted to say hello to all you lovely ladies who took the time to send a message. I somehow managed to miss your messages since my last post on this thread so please accept my apologies for not sending thanks earlier.
And to Susie, I hope your WLE went well. I have mine tomorrow. I guess you must have had your results by now too…hope they were good news.
You’re exactly right about getting this dealt with ASAP to get on with the rest of my plans!!
Lots of hugs to you and all of you other kind ladies,

Hi storm1

Wishing you well for tomorrow and hope your scans have given you some good news.

hugs Wendy x x

Hi Storm1
Just wanted to wish you well for tomorrow. Be kind to yourself.
Will be thinking of you.
Sending super squishy hugs, and a warm calming drink to you
Lozza xx

Hi Storm1
Wishing you well for tomorrow and hope you have a speedy recovery from your op.
Big hugs Lynnie