The news i dreaded most! Positive for cancer... Can anyone help!

Well I’m devastated to say that I’ve got invasive ductal carcinoma… I think what the translations of my report says… its all in french and my Dr struggled to find the words! I’m in total shock and scared beyond words. I’m going to see the surgeon tomorrow so I assume its bad as they’ve got me in so quickly?! Just hope he speaks some english otherwise I’m going to be walking in blind. Good they are acting quickly though to start zapping this alien unwelcome intruder in my body. I’m Grade II and there are three numbers which I dont understand so Im hoping maybe someone can shed some light?
Glandular differentiation : 3
Nuclear dystrophy : 2
Mitoses 1
My tumor is 1.4 x 1.3 x 0.7 cm… is that good or bad? It has no shadowing.
They are going to check my ovaries, lymph and will carry out the gene test during the procedue so I’ll know if its a mutation from my mums ovarian cancer.
I really would appreciate any thoughts, support or anything… I am so scared!!!

so sorry for your news mine was s**t as well.
I have a 5-6 cm mass which he is pretty sure is BC. Mamogram does not confirm completely, ultrasound neither 100% certain so 3 core biopsies and results Friday. He has told me expect the worst.
I know I have no choice but not sure I can deal with this again.
Sending you hugs
Wendy x x

So sorry. i was diagnosed a week ago, shocked like you. Mine is grade 1. Going in for a sentinal node biopsy this week. Like you very confused at the moment and can’t seem to make much sense of what the tests etc mean.

Hi all

I am posting a link to the ‘Just diagnosed’ page of the website which you may find helpful, here you will also find further support ideas and a publication list where you will find ‘Understanding your pathology report’ :\_source=Homepage&%3Butm\_medium=help\_you&%3Butm\_campaign=diagnosis

For further support and to talk through any concerns please feel free to call our helpliners, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Take care


Wendy I’m so sorry you didnt get the news you wanted today… My thoughts and prayers are with you as we walk this journey together. The feeling you get after the news is just devastating… no words to describe it really other than, ‘have you ever been hit by a train?’ well no probably not but I can imagine it might feel a little something like this! I walked out the Dr’s numb… I tried to stay strong for my husband as he was so upset, full of apologies for being upset and our son just watched on as we hugged trying for him not to see our tears… I’m in shock, I’m all over the place. I’ve done some translating of the report and I am IDC grade 2… I’ve been in touch with the French Cancer Support group for ex-pats and someone is going to call me in the morning to discuss my situation and to explain what to expect… I’m amazed by the wonderful kindness of people I dont know who want to help and support me…the angels are flocking in to help us through this…
Black and white I am also very sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis and you will be in my thoughts and prayers on this journey. I am not sure when I will have the SNB thats something I hope to find out tomorrow. Its all a blur and even when you hear something you might understand the shock makes it so unclear… Have a list of questions to take with you so you don’t forget what you want to know. Your head goes into shutdown when you get there so its easy to miss the things you need to say…
My sister is coming out on Thursday to stay for a few days so Im really looking forward to that… In the absence of having a mum she’s the nearest thing I have and I cant wait for her to get here. My husband thinks the Dr said they might take out the lump tomorow which would be amazing… I’m not so sure… another vital point lost in translation! The quicker they get the little piece of filth out of me then we can put our treatment plan in place…
We can keep each other strong through this, Wendy you’ve fought and won before so I know you have the strength to see whatever, if anything right off again… and Black and White we can fight this together… we can and we will beat this!!
Anyone else IDC grade 2? I’d greatly appreciate finding out more…
Much much love and strength… x x x

Hi I was diagnosed IDC grade 2 ER+ Her-. Had Lumpectomy and got clear margins and nodes which was great but as lump was 2.5cm and said that as I was young and otherwise healthy (I’m 52 so took that as a compliment) they offered the choice of chemo which onc said statistically would benefit 3% of women in my siutation - good enough for me so I am now halfway through chemo which was entirely my choice but I have no regrets - want to do all I can to banish the beast!

This is hard enough without the language barriers so hope you get the support you need quickly.

It will be great to have your sister with you, mine has been a fantastic support to me.

Thinking of you xxx

Hi Rubydoo,

Firstly I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, its really hard at the beginning, I usually just read posts on here but felt I needed to reply to your one. I was diagnosed with grade 2 IDC about the same size as yours and that was over 3 years ago now, had my surgery, chemo, rads and now on tamoxifen. Just had my 3rd mammo since diagnosis and its all clear, I know you will prob be in a hard place just now so I hope my story helps you stay positive.

Much Love

Hi Rubydoo

Nothing I can say will make it feel any better hun… I was diagnosed 25th Oct this year… that date is imprinted on my brain… also IDC Grade 3… a week ago I had 3 lumps removed ( thought I only had the one) and a sentinel node biopsy… get my results 13th Dec… so Im hoping for some good news in time for xmas… I remember feeling like I had been hit by a train when I came out of the doctors office… this site is amazing for the support … I still dont know how I feel… friends and family seem to think Im ok now Ive had surgery… for all us ladies going through the different stages of C…its a day at a time… sending much love and hugs xxx

I am so sorry you too are experiencing this. It came as a shock to me. I even went on a site which said I had a 3.6 % chance of having bc and everywhere else saying its 90+ chance of it not being cancer and I still got the wretched thing. Mine is also invasive with 3/17 nodes affected, grade 2, er+ pos. 2.3 mm (1.5 mm pre op). I’m due to start chemo soon, not met oncologist yet and am boarder line for radiotherapy. What also worries me was I was too young for screening, but thankfully was very breast aware. I have a 25 ye old daughter, and I am so worried that she might not be offered screening until too late. I really hope you get the support you need as we go through this, I have found lots of info on this site. Sometimes info is scary, but I feel it provides power and knowledge to get what you need at this time of your life

thank you so so much for your kind words. It really is a real comfort to know other people are willing you on to tackle this b*****d disease . It really does make you wonder why we have been chosen to face this (once again) but we WILL get through this although it won’t be a walk in the park. First time round my oncologist said there is a light at the end of the long dark tunnel and each step in treatment is a step nearer to this. Very true.
my love and thoughts are with you at this difficult time adnnd am always he to talk if and when you want to. (Not sure if you can pm on this site) ?
Love Wendy
ps try and have a nice time with your sister x x

Hi Rubydoo,
I’m really sorry to hear your news. I know your head must be in a whirl right now but once things start happening and a treatment plan gets put together it will help because you know that something is being done. Your appointment with the surgeon today will be to let you know what he/she is going to do and to fix a date. You shouldn’t have to wait long. If it’s possible I would recommend you take a dictaphone to the appointment to record what the surgeon says. Obviously you would have to ask his permission first but that really helps as it is so difficult to catch everything they say in a situation like this. My french is actually pretty good but I still struggled. Luckily my husband’s french is a lot better so he took notes. If you can get someone from the CSF to go with you to other appointments that would be good and they have translations of medical terminology.
Your are at the start of a difficult journey but things will get easier and you will find the strength to cope. I was the same age as you when I was diagnosed. Also, a little bit of advice, accept help wherever you can.
Let us know how you get on today.
Rawlie x

Dear All
Thank you so much for all your warm, caring thoughts and well wishes. Im in a dark hole and struggling coming to terms with this. Ive got my operation next Thursday to take out lump and have SNB, which is quick and Im really pleased with that as he said did I want to wait until after xmas, my reply, but I want it out today, so he found an earlier appointment. My surgeon spoke only in french, my husband did ok translating I think. The surgeon seemed to be quite relaxed and said ‘you will heal’ in englsih so holding on to that. I didnt see any doom in his face or use serious words so Im taking that as good as I know Dr’s do not paint a pretty picture if they know the outcome. Im not hormone receptive and I dont think thats good but too scared to ask and not sure any additional inforamtion at this stage woudl help… Im so scared and struggling to stay positive or strong… Just want this little b£%rd out of me now and Im praying so much that it hasnt spread. I dont think its a usual type that I have… possibly a genetic mutation from my mother but Ive decided not to look into type again as I did when I translated my biopsy and have put the fear of god into myslef and a very poor prognosis, so now my only questions are, ‘what are you doing and when are you doing it?’ Thats about as much as I can process for now…
You are all in my thoughts and prayers I’m so glad Ive found this site… you are all angels in my eyes, bless you all!
My name is Lynne…
Much love xxxxx

Hi Rubydoo
I’d just like to add my best wishes to everyone elses. I too have invasive ductal carcinoma. Don’t know the size or grade, but I’m having a mastectomy with sentinal node biopsy on 12th December. I hope you have some encouraging news soon. Take Care xxx


Hi Lynne

Even after my surgery I still find myself “numb”… find myself not really thinking of what is going on… deal with it as it comes along is the best way I manage…my next hurdle is my results on the 13th Dec after my WLE and SNB… which unfortunately have become infected :-((…we all find our own manageable ways but at the end of the day this site has been a lifesaver for the times I cant sleep or get comfortable… knowing that there are others out there going through each step in a different way but knowing exactly what we are going through… take time for yourself hun… and promise not to Google… come on here and ask questions as you will get the truth xxxxx

Hi Lynne,
My cancer is different from yours but just wanted to say once you have a treatment plan some of the anxiety and fear goes and you will find this site invaluable with such wonderful as you say Angels. Wishing you all the very best my prayers are with you, if you need a rant hug or just company pop in you are sure some Angels will be watching.
take great care Hun
Jan x

Hi Lynne,
I would endorse everything people have said to you on this thread, and I thought I would let you know that I was diagnosed 3 years ago yesterday (hooray another milestone and doing well) back then I had myself in the worst place imaginable because I thought these things always happened to someone else And had so many questions, fears to work through and I am sure you will do the same. I liken the journey to being on a roller coaster, feeling of no control (but you will) and the highs and lows of all the ups and downs you may have to face, but please be reassured that there has been so much progress in the treatment of this disease with real positive outcomes. Take each day as it comes, be kind to yourself and take all the help that is offered to you, including from this site, it was amazing how many girls were awake in the wee small hours and who responded to my queries and so helpful. I wish you well for your surgery and also PG.

Hi again Lynne
really feel for you but at least it will be gone very soon and you can then focus (one step at a time) on the rest of your treatment and getting better. I think if it is hormone negative it will respond really well to chemo so if you are offered it grab it as an insurance policy as you don’t really know if it is needed but you need to rule any possibility for the odd stray cell.
I totally understand how you are feeling but one day you will look back on this as a distant memory and you will come out the other side a far stronger person.
Love and hugs hope you are ok

I have also been diagnosed with the same thing. I got married on 24th November and four days later was given the news. I am meeting my consultant this afternoon to discuss my treatment plan. I have been an emotional wreck. I think the worse thing is waiting for the results of the CT scan, which I had yesterday and the bone scan, which is scheduled tomorrow. Just hope it hasn’t spread.
Friends and family are all well meaning but I feel like I need to reach out to people who are in the same position as me. I don’t know the full details of my treatment but met the cancer nurse for my results on Tuesday and she said I will need to have the lump removed, have radiotherapy, probably chemo and I will need to take Tamoxifen. Not sure of the order of it all yet. They think it has spread to my lymph nodes too.
Strangly after I got the results I went into work and was pretty upbeat but after the CT scan yesterday the enormity of the situation hit home and I am feeling very low.

Oh here you all are! I haven’t got used to this site yet, and was hanging around the waiting for results page, wandering where everyone had gone!

So sorry to meet everyone here, but I guess we are all in the same boat(ish)!
My news was that they didnt get clear margins at surgery, so I am expecting the surgeon to tell me that they need to go back in, when I see her on Tuesday. I had one positive node and my diagnosis is now grade 3 invasive ductal Ca rather than dcis.

At this point I am hoping she will agree that mastectomy is the best option, as she already took out a 10cm strip, just not wide enough! I don’t think I could bear the prospect of a third surgery just now, and it seems the edges of the tumour are quite hard to determine. I have also had a ct scan which was clear, and bone scan and chest xray, which results should hopefully be available Tuesday.
I have been amazed at how kind everbody is. Everybody asks what they can do to help, which of course is “not much really”, but my freezer is full of food donations!!

Hi Morwenna…seems you in the same catchment as me… grade 3 invasive ductal Ca… I get my results 13th Dec…hoping and thinking positve for clear margins… well… trying very hard to think that way… everyone keeps telling me too even if I dont feel like it somedays!!.. best of luck hun… thinking of you x