The Nightmare of finding a Lump!

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to say that I am so glad that there is something like this website where people who are worried about having breast cancer can come to…so many encouraging people who are all so strong, I wanted to share this with people who may have just found a lump…here’s my story…

I have been a smoker for over 10 years now always wanted to give up. On weds last week I found what can only be described as a ‘golf ball’ size lump on my right breast…I have no family history of cancer/breast cancer. On thurs I rushed to my GP who told me that ‘he didn’t think there was anything ‘sinister’ about the lump, but that he would refer me to a breast clinic’. He said that he suspected that it would be a cyst or fibrocystic lump. I wondered how he could know this and he described characteristics of the lump that did confirm what he was saying…

I was so anxious I searched the internet for answers and found SOME that made me feel better and others which made me feel worse. The GP said that it would take up to ten days before I could see a specialist…with no sleep and the fact that it was the easter break, I decided to go private as I couldnt wait…this is for those of you who the anxiousness of waiting for a diagnosis is never to go away…

DONT WORRY I DESPAIRED FOR 4 DAYS THINKING THE WORSE…OTHERS DONT UNDERSTAND HOW STRESSFUL IT CAN BE BUT IN MY CASE IT TURN OUT TO BE A NON CANCEROUS CYST AND THE REMOVAL WAS OVER IN MINUTES…the consultant said that 95% of people my age would have a cyst that they dont know about…so please be strong and try not to worry, these things are sometimes sent to reassess our lives…I have now stopped smoking and hope that this can be an encouraging message for those of you have just found a lump. All the best to everyone and those of you on the way to curing your illnesses…Thank you you all helped me during my days of complete despair…God Bless… Ally xx

Hi there Ally, so glad that your ok. We need to remember most lumps turn out to be nothing serious but that doesn’t stop it frightening the hell out of you. I had a scare 18 months ago that turned out to be nothing, so whan i went last wednesday, i never expected it to be cancer…but it was.

I’m now waiting for results today to see if it has spread. I suppose what i am trying to say is don’t be like me, my last lump frightened so i didn’t examine myself which means i now have the added worry that i don’t know how long this one has been there.

Make sure you examine yourself every month and if you find anything it may be nothing but if it ever is cancer you will know it wont have been there long.

Keep in touch and make the most of your family. Pauline xxx

Hi Pauline

I am sorry to hear about your news…I am sure after reading so much on the internet that you have still caught it in time…Because I am naturally a paranoid person I still cannot get over the possibilities of illnesses and am determined to live a better lifestyle…I still cry and get upset as to how frightened I was. I thank you so much for your advice very much appreciated but the truth is that I am continuously feeling my breasts ever since the dam thing was removed and I am also worried about other cancers so I have now completely changed my diet. I am sure that you have caught it in time and that you will have the right treatment I read that there are so many options now…it’s funny people were avoiding me when they discovered my possible despair and I am sure that you are experiencing the same. I am on this site as I entered another world when I discovered my lump and my heart and love really does go out to everyone who have been not so lucky as me or in the pre diagnosis stage of finding the lump. …Pauline keep strong…not like me I am still in pieces and mine was none cancerous! I guess this is why I am here to help…God bless you and let me know what happens with your results…thank you for your advice,remember strength is always a survivor, and you seem to have that xx