The 'other' side of BC

The ‘other’ side of BC

The ‘other’ side of BC There are so many sides to this illness that until you experience it yourself, you have no idea they exist. After reading linbobs last thread I have really got my dander up so to speak!

As if the illness isn’t bad enough, most of us will have severe financial restraints, work issues, personal issues (my husband became depressed and wouldn’t/couldn’t work).

So why is there so little support out there for this ‘other’ side on the ilnness?

I really struggled to fill in the forms for benefits because in reality I was too ill to be trying at that point. My OH like most men would not get help and there seemed nothing out there to prompt this.

Apart from a casual comment from my MacMillan Nurse (and I know I am lucky to have one,) no one in the professional sector even asked about how I/we were managing.

Some people loose their homes, their marriages, and their jobs because of this illness.

There is so much more to this illness than the obvious health issues.

That’s my rant for today. Do you agree, what can we do to put this right?


You’re right You make a really valid point. I do not know if I have a job to go to when I am done in January. I teach at an agricultural college and they employ you on yearly contracts, as I am not going to be able to start back in Sept. someone else will get my classes. They cannot promise me a new contract in Jan. and of course they do not have to pay me from the end of August.

I realise I am lucky as I do have a husband in work and with a good bit of belt tightening we will get through. Fortunately our daughter finishes university this year. I have read posts by others and genuinely wonder how they are going to cope.

Perhaps Breast Cancer Care could include a benefits advisory service and help people with forms etc. in their support services. It would be possible to do over the phone.

Goodluck with your spouse, treatment etc.
there are a brave bunch of ladies on this forum

Love Swanie

Breast Cancer and Benefits factsheet from Breast Cancer Care Dear Swanie
Breast Cancer Care have published a factsheet with advice and information regarding claiming benefits following a diagnosis of breast cancer which some people may find helpful, it contains information regarding who to contact for help with completing the forms. I hope this information is helpful, you can read it via the following link:

Kind regards
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Breast Cancer Care

I agree too I fully understand what you are saying.
There are so many other dark side to being ill. Apart from feeling tired and dizzy and emotinal.
Positive is I always seem to look good with it.

One dark side is the money aspect.
Even if you are given all the right numbers to phone to help claim benefits. If you are not under the min (combined with partner), but just over and making that fall from a normally paid job to stat sick pay there is not much out there for you.

Can’t even get petrol or parking paid for. Baring in mind we also have a baby with a heartcondition so some weeks week have several hospitals to attend. (they are not the same ones and not close either).

We are lucky that my mother was and is able to support us financially other wise we could be with a large dept ontop of the morgage.

Also a huge shadow casts over my/our relationship.
I feel I would want some councelling but I would not be able to make time for that.
My partner would say I could but I feel I can’t because he is tired irretable and close to a breakdown himself.
Plus we have the baby to look after.

I am a bit bothered about the finances because today we have tried to get some dates for a possible holiday but it seems that we can’t really afford it.

Well I think this is my rant, tomorrow it might all look a bit brighter.

It is sunny after all.

COULDN’T AGREE MORE I also think this is something which is overlooked, when i was first diagnosed [jan 04] i claimed on my payment protection insurances…i have found out since that, the ones that paid out under critical cover wouldn’t pay again if i was unfortunate enough to have to claim again, as you can only claim once under critical and the others wouldn’t give me a straight answer either way…said ‘’ you wil only find out if you have to claim’‘…one did say to me that even if i claimed for something such as anxiety or depression etc., they wouldn’t pay out as they would say it was linked to the breast cancer…hence i no longer have any payment protection.
I was forced to return to work sooner than i felt both physically and mentally able as after a medical at local DHSS re the incapacity benefit i’d been having for 2 mths, my benefit was stopped…these are the examining doctors exact words…’ so its ONLY the cancer that bothers you’'…yet downstairs in the other part of the building there were people coming in obviously lying and looking for another giro to pay for their addictions…and 9 times out of 10 getting it???..and why do heroin users get their methadone free yet I have to pay for my Tamoxifen??
My brother-in-law gets disability benefit…yes he did have a mild stroke a few years ago and a couple of operations on his neck…yet he has a disabled badge in his car…but can manage to build a car, and ride a harley davidson with his wife on the back???

You’ve definetly got me ranting again!!!