The other side-Radio 2


Just wondered if anyone else listened to Johnny Walker on Tuesday, exploring issues relating to end of life and death?

If you haven’t you can listen again from the BBC Website.

Quite interesting and would like to hear others views?

Guess no one else listened!! Admittedly not great Saturday night

J x

Hi Julie,

I listened to that programme and found it very interesting.

Since I was diagnosed with secondaries 3 years ago I haven’t run away from the subject and I am always interested in ways of coming into terms with it all.


Thanks Jackie,

It was interesting and I liked it because it explored different angles.

It is also quite refreshing to hear people being quite open about death.
If I mention it, people either get annoyed or start giving me the look. The ‘Now,now dont be silly look’, which is worse. J

Thanks Juliet…I am very interested in talking about death and dying and will listen ot the programme.

Talking about death is such a taboo…and I’m all for more ordinary talk about it.