NO - and doesn’t even possess a set of scales. Went to weightwatchers once and was given the distinct impression I wasn’t fit to be part of the human race unless I was thin. Members given idea that they would have the job of their dreams, house of their dreams, man of their dreams, careers of their dreams etc once they were thin. OH had to hold me down to stop me yelling “No, you’ll just be thin sad losers”. Yes, he was overweight too - a result of the chemo!

The person below me loves hillwalking

no- but i have a great view of the pentlands from my window.

the person below me has a deep dark secret and wants to share it!

Vodka - where are you? I live in the Pentlands!!!

Yes and no - I do have a deep dark secret, but the monitors of this website would close this thread if I revealed it.

the person below me likes flowers

True, i have loads at the moment, many thanks to family and friends.

the person below me loves to sing in the bath/shower

False - I can’t sing for tuppence! People would think I was drowning…

the person below me loves red wine

True - love red wine

the person below me eats smarties

no - I don’t like red wine or white wine - the only wine I actually like it sparkling wine like Asti and I only ever drink a glass or 2 at xmas

the person below me is scared of heights

true - anything involving heights is man’s work, which is one of the reasons women tend to outlive them!!

the person below me has a degree

Sad to say FALSE, i never even got to finish my “O Levels” ;-(

The person below me has been on TV

false - though I was filmed for tv once - but they never used it! Got £250 and a day in London out of it though!

the person below me has eaten whelks


BUT only in the background when I was at the opening of new office and when the Queen visited Bristol

Oh too slow True I have eaten whelks as well

The person below me has visited New York

Half and half - tried one and was nearly sick - sea slugs!

the person below me likes to play poker

true - texas hold em is my game

the person below me has visited York

half and half again! Been to York but only dreamed of New York

the person below me watches Big Brother

pipped again

not a chance! Reality tv is one of the worst “inventions” of this century!

the person below me reads The Daily Express

No 'fraid not…The Anchorage Daily News

the person below me can knit


The person below me has farted in a sauna causing everyone to leave

False - but have in a jacuzzi (i think thats how you spell it!)

The person below me is scared of heights

True. But once to impress I absailed [if that’s the word] down a huge wall. Only to shame myself by yellling helplessly f…,f…f…all the way down.

The person below me likes gardening