The recall letter

Hi I am new to this site and not sure where to put this topic. I am 58 years of age, married and have two adult children. Last Tuesday I received my recall letter after my third routine mammogram.
I havs spend the last week searching the internet for information about what are the chances that an assessment after a third mammogram would prove ok. I came accross this great site but couldn’t get the answer I was looking for. So I have decided to write this just in case anyone out there ever has the same question.
I have two close friends who have had BC. One had a full mastectomy and another a lumpectomy and follow up treatments and both are an inspiration to me. so I wasn’t so scared of having to go through the treatment - more the loss of control of my own life.
I went to the assessment clinic and was quickly seen and reassured even before my ultrasound that it appeared to be a cyst. I was in and out within 30 minutes - so yes an assessment after a third routine scan can be ok.
I felt relieved but not ecstatic as I left behind ladies who I met briefly and were awaiting their news. One lady looked so anxious I felt awful leaving.
I will now continue to follow the stories of the inspirational people on this site as in three years time I may be looking for the answer to another question.
Good luck to everyone who is now travelling a sligthly different route than planned and with the support and love of others you will be speedily back on the high road.
Take care
Liz x

Bumped this up for Liz

Hi Liz
Thank you for your post - it is so wonderful to hear of people receiving good news. I spent a long time researching (on this site and elsewhere) when I was recalled and then eventually diagnosed and it is so important to hear of happy outcomes (although I too have been lucky).
Best Wishes

Hi Liz,
This a very sweet and kind message for all of us ladies who have to go through this difficult journey.
I am very pleased to hear your news and may long last.
Thanks again for being so supportive and sensitive.
x x x