The Slippery Slope,

Oh Dear, having a wobbly day… Had mx 2 weeks ago today, infection in drain wound, seroma, saw surgeon 5cm Tumer, 15 nodes removed, 11 cancerous, CT Scan tomorrow, bone Scan, really worried, thought the worst bit was over, seems like its never ending doom… Chemo , Rads, so worried

hello gooseberrygirl… big breaths… in … out … in … out … ok … i know your worried, and shell shocked … and suffering every emotion possible … its terrible … but all these tests need to be done for your benefit … waiting and worrying is now sadly part of our lives, try not to let your immagination run riot… it totally does your head in… take one step at a time…its just a wobble your having … and thats ok … every step you take… every scan test etc you have … is getting you one more step nearer the end of the tunnel… more big breaths… in … out … in … out … nice cup of tea and a big bar of chocolate is what you need and a massive cyber hug so close your eyes and ill send you them , angie xx

Hi gooseberrygirl also saw my sugeon today 3 weeks after double mx , they took 9 lymph nodes from me and 3 were infected so i to have to have bone scan on thursday of this week and cat scan next week , the only good thing is they found nothing on my left side but now have no breasts at all , so feel the sme as you pissed off realy as will now have to wait again for more results of the scans before treatment plan so sorry about swearing just so fed up again so with you hun all the way xxx bev josie1

hi bev… another cup of tea … big bar of chockie and hug on its way 2 you 2 xxx angie

Thanks angiem and josie, have calmed down a bit today… hugs must of helped and i did eat half a tin of biscuits !!
Josie good news and bad Yuk , " breasts off Yuk, lymph nodes Yuk, I have a begnin tumer in my right and they decided to leave alone and have 3 monthly mamogram and scan, is this the right decision, I dont know?, good luck for the coming weeks, Big Hug back x x