The time has come to say goodbye

I am totally devestated to have to say that after only 4 weeks from dx we had to say goodbye to the most amazing woman i have ever met.
Sadly on Sunday 15th at 9:30 my mother in law passed away after a short battle with SBC in her lungs. It was extremly evil and agressive and day by day her breathing became worse. She peacefully went with the angels with us by her side.
There is a huge hole within our close family now and I still cant believe i will never see her again. The strength she showed during this short time and those last few days in hospital when things got to their worst have given us all the inspiration and strength to stay together and get through this sad time, the hardest time we will ever have to face in life.
I would like to thank BCC and those of you who responded to my posts and messaged me. You have all been such a help to me and answered some of my questions.
Best wishes to you all xx

Loulu, I am so sorry to read this post.

There is so little anyone can say, except that your much-loved mother-in-law is now at peace and the suffering of the last few weeks is over for her.

I now you will miss her dreadfully, but I am sure that you have many precious, wonderful memories of her too, and these will be a source of comfort in the days ahead. Everything you have written shows your love her - I’m sure she was very proud to have you as her daughter in law.

You are in my thoughts and prayers at this time of loss and bewilderment.

RIP Loulu’s M-in-L

Oh Loulu, I am so, so sorry to hear of your loss. I remember you very kindly writing to me a few weeks ago, when I received my diagnosis.

I can not imagine what she and your family have been through in the last weeks, it must have be so frightening and devastating. I am sure she found much comfort in the fact that she had you all there to support her; You sound like a very close family.

I wish you and your family much love at this sad time.

Josie xxx

Big hugs for you LouLu at this sad time. Life can get snatched away so quickly. Condolences to all your family.

Twinky x

So sorry to hear this Loulu.

Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Majella xx

My thoughts are with you and your family in this tragic time.
I can only offer my condolences.

You seem like such a strong person.

Heather x

Hi i have just lost my grandma to sec bc yesterday morning and like u i thought she was the most amazing woman i have ever met and i cant believe ive said goodbye for the last time. We too are a close family, it will help us and ur family to terms with whats happened, i find great comfort in all the special
Memories that i have of my life with her, i heard a saying this week ’ grief is the price we pay for love’ i think this sums up perfectly how u feel after the loss of someone u love so much. I feel at peace now knowing my wonderful grandma is rid of this awful disease, to see what it does to the person affected is horrendous. I hope u can carry on and remember the good times and the person she was before cancer, my grannie to me was vibrant, always laughing, and i find comfort in that she smiled more in her last 5 days than she did in the 9 months that she was poorly.
Love and hugs to u and ur family, be strong laugh and cry im sure thats what shed want
Vicky x

Hi LouLu711

Please accept our condolences for your loss. Our thoughts are with your family and friends at this very sad time.

Take care from all at Breast Cancer Care.


So sorry for your loss

My thoughts with you and your partner

Thinking of you



So sorry to read this sad news .
Thinking of you and yours at this sad time

Hi Lou,

I was so shocked at this awful news. It is so sad that this cruel disease took your mother-in-law so quickly. It is not a month since you first posted. Words fail me and dont seem enough at this time. My thoughts and love are with you and your partner at this truly, dreadful time.

Love and thoughts
Marina xxx

I am so so terribly sorry to hear this. This has all happened so quickly and it must be hard for everything to sink in. I hope that the love you share with your family will give you all support.

My thoughts are with you. Elinda x

I’m so sorry to read this sad news. My heartfelt sympathy to you and all the family. Wishing you peace, comfort, love and strength at this difficult time,

Angelfalls xxx

Thank you all so much for your kind comments.
It has been the most surreal week of our lives, it still seem doesnt seem real that in only a few short weeks she went from full health to now living with the angels.
There has been so much to sort out and arrange that the days are seeming like just minutes. thankfully for us my MIL was extremly organised and in the past few weeks since dx she sorted so many things for us and all her finances etc were layed out for us in neat little piles with instructions for us to follow. quite simply she was an amazingly strong lady who right up to the end was thinking of us.
The hole in our hearts will never be filled but the strength she showed us will always continue to mold us in the the best people we can be.
The day after her sad passing my partner and I recived news after months and months of waiting that our IVF has been granted by the NHS. It breaks my heart that our baby will never meet her but i will make them a promise to make sure they know so much about her that they will feel like they did meet her.
Thank you all once again for every comment over the past few weeks of me being here. your all wonderful
best wishes xxx