"The tyranny of cheerfulness"

I used to have a certain respect for Cancer Compass but I’m rethinking after this!


JaneRA, and like minded forum users, will have a wry smile. I just cringed …



(I love your udder cream.)

Thanks Dahlia…yes dreadful, nauseating…and how does anyone believe this cr*p.

Udderly smooth udder cream…now that is worth talking about…saved me from skin peeling when on xeloda…shame the xeloda did less well on the cancer.



Can’t stand this drivel!


What dross.

Good Lord!

Did the interviewer not think to ask her if her sister’s death from leukaemia was the woman’s own fault for not being positive enough?

What a pile of crap, this kind of thing should be banned and then there wouldn’t be so many positive attitude merchants getting on my nerves.

Apropos my Udder Cream - it is for you know where is prep. for the London to Brighton bike ride on the 21st.

As my body is just about stripped of oestrogen, one’s skin tends to tear easily in some places and it makes your eyes water a bit! After 54 miles … well!

I’m sure it’ll be a breeze!


Nauseating drivel.

Dahlia. Good luck with the London to Brighton. Have you done it before? I’ve done it 3 times and it’s great. 27,000 cyclists, many in fancy dress, all having a great time. Brilliant. Enjoy it.

What utter rubbish…I have never been one to believe posiive thinking makes an ounce of difference, these kind of stories do nothing but try to make those of us who can’t feel positive feel guilty…well I for one do not feel guilty…I only beleve in reality and reality fo me is this disease is crap and no amount of positive thinking will stop it from returning if its going to.

Have to agree withe comments about that article.

Contemptible. Nothing more than spoof screenplay for a Disney film.



God what a load of rubbish. Mind you knowing the press and some reporters, is that what she actual said!!! If positive thought was all it took to stop this disease there is a lot of people out there including myself that should never had got it back. If only it was that simple. (simples…do.com!)

Oh dear ! Think i am going to vomit. Yuk, what a load of americanized rubbish

Aaaarrghhhh!!! The Louise Hay school of thought made me really angry even before my dx!

It was recommended to me that I read Louise L Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” so being keen I downloaded the audio version. I was so taken aback I had to play the whole load of %^&*( twice! Even then I couldn’t believe my ears and ordered the book from Amazon - no fool like an old fool. The book was the audio version verbatim. Anyway, the woman promoting this guff assured me that there was an element of truth in Hay’s “opinion” that breast problems and breast cancer come from resentment and unforgiveness!!! When I challenged her about it she panicked; I told her it was pure BS and she did NOT like it one bit. I have kept the book as a reminder (as if one was needed) of the huge number of people willing to take your money, take advantage of your emotional state and give nothing in return but further distress.

I have to agree with Philidel - even before my diagnosis I was not just suspicious but dismissive of this kind of approach - I guess, though, that proponents would say that the fact that I have been diagnosed just reinforces their argument, which makes it even more irritating!

somewhat odd that the person is referred to as Harris throughout, Harris what i wondered? Harris Tweed perhaps.

also interesting that thinking positive reduces negative thinking, well it would wouldn’t it since positive is the opposite of negative.

So what? One might ask.

I went back to work quickly so I didn’t mope at home but I don’t think it made any difference to my long term prognosis. In fact I am sure it didn’t


I LOVE “My mom told me you can have one problem, and if you can’t solve that problem in five minutes, you have another one. Just move on.”

Oh… I can’t solve my breast cancer problem in five minutes so I’ll go on to bowell cancer

Yes Mole, I find it is as easy to mope at work as it is to mope at home!

I have written before about the joy of negative thinking, more people should try it.

I have just travelled back by bike from Greenwich and I was so glad it only spotted with rain and that I could ride up the side of buses and pass cars stuck in traffic jams. So I do have some joy in my life despite almost entirely negative thoughts.

I didn’t mope much at work although I was cross that someone had invited me to a meeting without asking whether I could go - I want to go to the Disability at work forum. I will go along for part of it as I believe in the principle of being able to go.