The unknown

Hi, im new to the forum so ill just tell you whats been happening to me, i feel i just want to talk.

about 6 weeks ago i went to the doctor with a small lump which felt like it was on my ribs, ive since had a mamogramme that came back clear, and a scan, which led to me getting a biopsy there and then. I am at the moment recovering from an operation to remove the lump  and 7 lymph nods including the sentinal lymph node. I got my results from that on friday after a long 10day  wait. They found cancer on 5 of the 7 lymph nodes. The doctor said im an unusual case as my lymph nodes dont swell up when they have cancer.


i am now going in to hospital tomorrow to have a CT and bone scan, and fingers crossed it comes back clear, if it does ive to get the muscle and all the lump nodes from under my oakster removed as the doctor says they are not visibly showing signs of cancer she wants to remove them all. and then ill be put onto chemotherapy then radio therapy, im just a bit dump struck as i was expection to go in and be told everything was fine and it would just be radiotherapy,

But at the end of the day i am so glad i have been vigilant as my innitial cancer lump was only 2cm and i got myself straight to the doctor.

i did however not ask what happens if the scan doesnt come back clear? But i guess we will deal with that if we have to. I have learnt to expect the u expected. As i innatially thought it would just be a syst, so as you can see my world has been turned upside down at the moment. ?



Hello and welcome to the forum, although it is not somewhere you would willing want to be.  You will get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here.


I can imagine it hard when your treatment plan changes after your op, however they are making sure that they tailor your treatment specifically for you.


Oh we all know that feeling of our world being turned upside down, but honestly it will get better.  18 months after my diagnosis life has gone back to normal and I hardly think about having had bc.


Sending you hugs


Helena xx

Hi Zana
First of all, a warm welcome to you, although you would rather not be here, of course.
Getting a diagnosis is such a shock & it does turn our world upside down as you say, but this does pass once the initial shock subsides & you know where you’re going with it all.
From what I’ve seen here, for those ladies who do have CT scans with lymph node involvement when first diagnosed, it is unusual for it to have spread further. Fortunately, bc does tend to get picked up early & thank goodness, you were vigilant.
Treatment outcomes are some of the best around & we do get through it.
When you start treatment, do look at the ‘going through treatment’ board, where you will be able to chat & get support from others where you are now & those further down the road.
Sending hugs
ann x

Hi Zana and welcome to the forum.  I had 9/12 lymph nodes involved and a very large tumour and I’m still here 15 months since diagnosis and doing well.  It’s hard when your treatment plan gets adjusted. I found any changes in my plan sent me into a wobble because I became so focussed on the plan my mindset couldn’t adjust easily.  Here’s my story which I hope you find of some comfort.

Sending hugs. Xxx

Hi Zana,
Going through all of this is such a rollercoaster & the limbo of waiting is the worst part of it all.
It’s good the bone scan was clear & whatever the outcome, you will get the right treatment plan for it.
Do let us know how you get on & loads of support here when & if you need it.
ann x

That’s MRI scan done and dusted, just another 2 weeks to wait for results now ??

Was called into the hospital yesterday for the results of my MRI scan, I have bone mets on my spine and have to see the specialist team from the beatson on Tuesday, been told they can’t cure me now they can only treat me and buy me as much time as they can ?

Hello Zana ,so sorry you got bad news there many ladies on the forum with bone mets and many are living full and active lives .Treatments have come on immensely in the last few years and can keep bone mets stable for long periods of time .Below is a link to a very active thread

Snap !!

Psychic !

Lol thanks ladies I have found the living with secondary breast cancer forum before I got this news, but I will go and have another look x