The wait for chemo is so slowly

Hi Guy, Anyone waiting for chemo, The time seem to be dragging it four weeks since my second op which i had my implant placed and all my lmyph nodes removed. Just want to get going not. Not sure at the mo how many treaments i need or what regime. Life seem to be one big waiting game…an your stuck at the end of it
I wish everyone a happy New 2008
love babs x

Hi babs

I start on Mon (new years eve) FEC… Have been waiting since 7th Nov, cos we did IVF first, am proper peeing my pants now. Have been waitig all this time and now that it’s upon me I don’t want to go - booooooooooo!


Hi Babs, reading your post reminded me of after i had my op and I thought i would be due to start my chemo directly after it ! I can remember the bitter disappointment after learning that I had to wait around 6 weeks post op for it, I can remember feeling devastated as I think I thought I would be starting chemo a week or two after surgery, I think it was a total fear factor scenario I just wanted to get it started!!! Looking back now of course it makes sense we have to let our bodies recover from surgery and the 6 week period gave me a chance to recuperate from that. When I did start my chemo on the 01.06.05 I was probably more prepared for it that I would have been weeks before. You are so right when you say life seems to be one big waiting game that is so true when going through treatment, we are so outwith our normal control !!! Something that I am sure every one of us finds very hard. I am sure you will find out very soon when you are due to start chemo and also what your regime will be. I was dx March 2005 age 31 and at the time thought I would never come out the other end as I said just felt everything was soooooo out of my control.
Wishing you the very best for the New Year !!!
lots of luv Lorri xx

P.S. good luck Ang also for starting your treatment on new years eve, will be thinking of you xx

Dear Babs

All of what you say really rings true to me. I had surgery on 11th December and am awaiting chemo. It sounds crazy but it can’t come soon enough. I am a planner and organiser at heart and I feel so out of control with all of this. I am told it gets better once chemo is underway.

Take care

Judith x

Hi everyone
I too am waiting for chemo to start. Mine has been a long time coming due to infection. I had a bilateral mastectomy on 24 october and was told i needed 6 sessions of FEC and 4 weeks of radiotherapy. I only had immediate reconstruction on one breast due to only having cancer in one and with needing further surgery. I have been on antibiotics from 8th nov till 26th dec and go back to see consultant and oncologist on 8th jan for a start date. My only worry is that it hasnt been left too long to start even though they have said that the chemo is only given to me for extra reassurance as cancer was taken with good clearance and no spread to lymph nodes. Anyone else waited this long?Love Sandra x x x