The wait.

I found a large lump centered directly behind my nipple in my right breast, about the size of a ping pong ball last week. I found by mistake while cleaning and thank the lord by accident, hit my chest and this is how I discovered it. I had an exam by the doctor who referred me to a breast center. Here I had a mammogram and ultrasound, I was there over 4 hours and went through several grueling xrays, they told me that I had very dense tissue. After both tests, the radiologist sat with me in a room and told me that my tests were abnormal and didn’t like what she saw in the scans. Next, referred me to a breast surgeon for further testing. I am very worried as many woman were coming and going within the hour and I was there for several hours and after this news, I am very nervous. I can’t get in to see a surgeon for 2 weeks and am just beside myself with anxiety. The lump is very hard and centered, I have pain and the skin reddens at times, but fades–lump never goes away. I’m waiting for my appointment on Nov 15.

Hi Roseg. It ias the most frightening thing. I went to my doctor with a small pea size lump in my right breast. Went to the breast caRE CLINIC, HAD MAMMOGRAM and the right one was fine but they found some strange tissue in my left. they then did an ultra sound wheich turned out to nothing but quite by accident found a mass lower down. I had a biopsy there and then and it was confirmed to be cancer. It is just a waiting game roseg tery to keep occupied, I am still at work and go in for mastectomy on Nov 8th it is really helping to keep occupied. There is so much they can do nowadays although the treatment isn’t very nice but keep thinking positive. Keep in touch

Hi Roseg,

I am so sorry you are having to go through all this - the waiting really is horrible. I’ve just been through the same thing and I remember feeling scared when I realised that everyone else was going in and out of US much quicker than I was. I also have very dense breast tissue which made it harder for the doctors to be sure of what they were seeing but now that I have my diagnosis I am glad that they were so thorough in checking it all.

It’s no good saying don’t worry because of course you will, we all do that. I did find that even though I couldn’t sleep or concentrate for much of the time, trying to get on with the smaller day to day things really helped me get through the waiting.

You will find lots of wonderful support and advice here at BCC, I am really glad to have found them.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on and don’t forget that you can always post here to share your feelings if you just want to talk.

Nymeria x

Hi Rose
That is a long wait. My first thought was is there another hospital you can change to so that you get to see somebody more quickly? When I found my lump, I saw my doc on the Monday had an appointment at the hospital on Friday followed by a mammogram the same day and ultrasounds and biopsies on the Monday. It’s awful for you having to wait so long.
Ruby x

Thanks all for your comments, I’ve tried to get in early and they tell me this is the quickest they can get me in to the surgeon. I guess what worried me most is the radiologist sitting down with me and telling me that she didn’t like what she saw in the scan. I know they can’t come out and tell you something until a biopsy is done, but it really stresses the mind. I had a problem with the same breast in 2004, but nothing ever came of it until now. I have the the mammograms and ultrasound pictures on me to take to the surgeon and the lump is huge…I wish I hadn’t looked at the scan! My curiosity got the best of me. I thought that these 2 tests should pretty much give you a diagnosis, but they told me “abnormal” and I need to see a surgeon. Something like this really puts things into perspective, that is for sure! I will keep you all posted and thanks for your support. Prayers & Hugs to everyone Roseg