The waiting game. Need some reassurance?


Iam 54 years old and going through the menopause. I went to the doctors a couple of days ago with pain in my right breast, she did an examination and said I had a lumpy breast and refered me to the two week wait breast clinic with suspected cancer? I have been given an appointment on the 18th of March. Now its the waiting game.

About 9 years ago I went through the same thing I had a cyst removed from the left breast, this feels completely different and really painful.

Since the doctors appointment a few days ago I have been absolutely terrified and emotional and feel very frightened, I cant work, can’t concentrate and finding it hard to sleep, waking up during the night with my head full of worries.

Am I being dramatic and should I be worried ? I’m interested to hear from anyone with simular curcumstances or experience and piece of mind?

Thank you

Hi Hollysmum

I also was refered on the two week wait as I had nipple discharge and my gp could feel something in my right breast, the pesky one I call it as I’ve had cysts drained from it before. 

I think the waiting time to see somebody is especially worrying as your mind can go into overdrive and I know mine certaintly did as times but for any changes you will be refered to the breast clinic. 

I am 51 and also going through the menopause which is proving challenging in itself and my anxiety level can quickly rise