The Waiting Is Getting To Me

I was diagnosed with DCIS on the 14th November 2007and was told that I would have to have a mastectomy as my left breast was now unstable. Last year I had a lump removed from the same breast which showed the early stages of breast cancer. Also had 18 sessions of radiotheraphy and I am taking tamoxefin. As you can imagine I am all over the place at the moment, as I was planning to return to work in January .

I didn’t expect to be diagnosed with cancer again and I know that DCIS is non invasive and I 'm lucky as it was picked up on my first mamogram since being diagnosed last year.However I’m waiting to see the plastic surgeon and a date for when I can go into hospital. The waiting is driving me a little crazy at the moment.

It would be good to hear from anyone who is going through the same at the moment or who has had a double mastectomy recently.


hi there I have been diagnosed with LCIS I am waiting to have double masectomy, I have a appointment on the reconstructive side of it in feb. I could not live my life waiting for it to turn invasive so I have decided to do something about it. i have been told that if there is any spread found after the op I will need further treatment . I hope evrything goes ok for you
gaynor x


Waiting is definitely the worst bit!

I had invasive lobular cancer and LCIS in both breasts. I had a mastectomy (left breast) last March and I’m having my other breast removed in April because I’m extremely high risk and, like Gaynor, don’t want to sit around waiting for tumours to appear on my remaining side. (No recon though).)

wish you the very best,
Jacki xx

I was dx with LCIS in feb and in october was told i had invasive cancer in one breast (two tumours one 19.5mm and one 13mm) so i decided to have a double mastectomy which i had 24th Oct. I too decided i could not wait for it to appear in the other breast as i was told originally that it would probably never turn to invasive cancer, also it did not show up on mammogram or scan and was only discovered after having core biopsy followed by MRI scan. I feel I made the right choice.
Good luck in whatever decision you make.
Love Sandra

Hi Shogun

I had dcis return 4 years after original dx. I had had 15 sessions radiotherapy. 3 months ago I had a mastectomy and immediate diep recon.

I really thought I had put it all behind me only to find on my annual mammo which was initially said to be OK that it wasn’t when seen by the second radiographer. A big shock when I had the core biopsy and found that it was back again. It was a real roller coaster first being told it was OK and then that it wasn’t. It’s really difficult dealing with it all again and you feel that you have to make decisions quickly and are on a steep learning curve. I am glad that I had an immediate recon but you have to do what is right for you.

Good luck withe decision making and do keep in touch


I’m scared that my diagnosed DCIS which was pre cancerous…ha .ha… had to be then removed and now I have to have just a few? 15 doses of radiotherapy…I dont see this coming to an end …praps I’m being paranoid…sorry …just scared
Thialoz x

Message for Thialoz

Dear Thialoz
Its ok to be scared and before you know it your radiotheraphy sessions will soon be over.And no you aren’t paranoid.
Regards Shogun

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my post.
Still waiting to go into hospital but trying not to worry about it too much.
Regards Shogun

Dear Thialoz

I to was dx with dcis and told that I would not need anything but a mast. I had a mast a senital node biopsy on 28th Sept when I returned to the hospital 10 days later to see surgeon and get results I was also told that I needed 15 sessions of rads but there was no node involvment and that the rads were just an extra precaution as the dcis was close to my breastbone so they just wanted to zap everything to ensure that they had got the little blighters.

Rads are more of a nusciance than anything else, the whole palava of going into the hospital everyday for about five minutes treatment is worse than the actual rads. Start putting aqueous cream on as soon as you can but the rads department at my hospital are great and I never waited for any of my 15 zappings, in fact I was in and out some days before my actual appt time.

Hope this helps you

Take care

I’m a bit scared too. Diagnosed with DCIS mid December and still waiting for operation date for mastectomy. Trying not to think about it, but it is not easy!

Got Date For Mastectomy

Saw plastic surgeon today and have a date for the LD procedure (where tissue from your back is taken and made into a breast) The date is 11th FEB ( fingers crossed). Have deecided to leave the non -affected right breast alone for the time being!!!