The waiting ......

Found a lump 2 weeks ago, GP referred me to the breast clinic , had my mammograms and then sat waiting, everyone else went in and that’s when I started to think something was not right , and I was right !
Very nice consultant asked me questions and thrnsaid she wanted me to have an ultrasound and biopsy, the strange thing is , I knew the HCA and the radiographer’ s wife ( work for the NHS and am employed by the hospital that is going to treat me ). I was then told by the consultant that they had found 2 lumps and I am going back in 2 weeks for the result of the biopsy, I am in bits , cried every day , terrified that I am going to die , the whole works ! I have no doubt that I have cancer as she was talking about mastectomy and reconstruction,
Just when life is going great ( got married 5 months ago, had booked a holiday etc) this comes along and hits you so hard I can barely get back up again.
What a start to October!



Hello and welcome to the forum where you will get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here.


First of all congratulations on your wedding xx


We all know that feeling, the anxiety monster takes over our rational mind and we imagine all the worst scenarios, but if you read a lot of the posts on here you will easily see that there are many ladies who have been diagnosed and have now finished active treatment and getting on with their lives.


They have to go through all the possibilities with you if it turns out to be breast cancer.  If it is breast cancer then you will have a treatment plan which is specifically for you, and the treatment today is very good.


Keep coming on here and there will always be someone to support you.


Sending you a hug and let us know how you get on.


Helena xxx



I too am so scared. Waiting for a result of a biopsy I’m getting it this Wednesday. I’m a single mum with two kids I just want to be around long enough for them (ok well maybe a bit more than that too!). It feels so oberwhelming but this site is so positive I’m glad I discovered it. My stomach is churning allbthe time since last week when I had biopsy, but the xo sultans was already talking radiation and tamoxifen so I’m thinking he knows it’s not good already from what he’s seen. Just horrendous. Trying to work out how to get the positives out of this. Thinking of you. Always speak to someone don’t be with this alone you don’t have to be. And let your lovely partner look after you.

Hi ladies, i didnt want to walk buy without wishing you both good luck with your results, every thing crossed for you, hopefully its nothing sinister, the first positive is something has been detected  and you are now in very good hands, it seems like yesterday i was in your same situation but it has been 5 months now. There are very lovely ladies and champions on here that will be there to support you along whatever journey you are on.


Try not to google,(as i did ) easier said than done i know, but it really doesnt acheive much, just expands your brain into more over thinking, 


I wish you good luck and please let us know how you get on.



Debbie x

Thank you!

Thanks for the offers of support. Got diagnosis today of a small early cancer so having it taken out next week. Will switch to newly diagnosed discussion

Hi , just an update , I’ve been diagnosed with grade 2 IDC with lynth node positive. So am having a mastectomy and lynth node clearance on 6th November, decided to have an explander inplant and a reduction on the other side on a later date.
It’s still not sunk in yet. Don’t think it will until I am booked into hospital.
They are still awaiting to see if one of the tumours is her2 negative or positive, one is negative
Oh dear !

So sorry to hear you’re joining us, Mrs MG, getting a diagnosis is such a shock, but thankfully it has been picked up & can be dealt with.
If you want to, do go to the ‘recently diagnosed’ where you will be able to chat or vent to others where you are now, as well as those of us further down the line.
Sending hugs
ann x