The worry of waiting

Hello - have been reading through the posts and hope that there are others here who can understand.

I have had strange feeling in my breast for a while and put it down to other things, then pain in my breast, a dull ache under my armpit and pain all down my arm and now ‘thickening’ has appeared. My GP has referred me and I have an appointment next week, but I’m beside myself with fear and anxiety. Everything feels wrong and much worse than it did last week.

The worry is awful - it’s like a loop playing in my head. I keep imagining the worst diagnosis possible and then it all just spirals out of control. I want to talk about it, then ignore it, then talk about again, then try to pretend it isn’t happening.

How do you cope with the wait and the worry?


So sorry you needed to come here but you are in the best place. We all understand the worry and fear you are going through and I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it better. I can clearly remember my fear; it was only in sept but seems a lifetime away. Just try to remember that IF it is bad news, this awful illness is treatable. However, it is just as likely to be nothing to worry about. Hold on to the fact that you have got it seen to early, which can i=only be good news.

Take care

Julia xx

Hi Jelliebeans

Welcome to the site,we all understand the worry of waiting and the unknown.

This is one place where you can express all your worries and fears, we will all help where ever we can.

The waiting is the hardest part, hopefully your fears are unfounded but whztever happens let us know.

Take Care


Hi jellibeans
It sounds like you and I are in the same position at the moment. I found a lump and had a nagging ache in my side/arm pit area. Since I saw my GP on Wed, I now have an ache in my back sort of behind and to the side of my breast. I wonder if I am imagining it, but it wakes me at night. The breast unit phoned this morning with my appointment for next Thurs, it seems like such an age to wait, especially as you say you imagine worst case scenario and that you don’t have much longer left!! It certainly does your head in!

Keep strong and lets keep our fingers crossed. x


I am in the same position. Had a nagging pain in the side of my left breast for about 3 months. At first i thought i needed a different bra size, but that didn’t work. Eventually i plucked up courage to see my GP last week. I now have an appointment at the breast clinic on 3 Feb. I keep telling myself not to worry, that most breast cancers are painless and it is probably hormones but i have never even been in hospital before and it is a scary prospect going for the investigations. Anyway - here’s hoping that we all get a good result.

Best wishes


Oh dear, too many of you waiting for these results, but hang on in there good or bad you will get through this, believe me you do find the strenght, keep us all posted, good luck girls,

Love Teresa. xxx

hi ther same goes for me, i have small lumps between my breast and my armpit, and larger ones in my breast also ache in my arm and also the back, i am at the breast clinic mon 1st feb i know how you feel i have my good days and my bad days you just cant help but think of the worst, i am only 37 on friday and i have 5 children to think about it is terrifying but fingers crossed for us all xxx also all you women on here are such an inspiration xxx

Hi all,I am reading all your stories & it is just what i am going through. I went to my Dr yesterday because i had a pain at the top of my left breast & when she told me she had found a lump i felt like i had been hit by a train!
I have my appointment on Tuesday afternoon & i am terrified.I have to go on my own as i have 2 small children -5&3-so my husband needs to look after them.

I am so scared,i don’t want to be taken away from my children, i am 38 & never imagined i would be in this position.

You ladies are all such an insperation, i wish i was half as strong as you, i just don’t know how i will get through this.I can’t even allow myself to imagine that it might all be ok as i fear the worst.

Is there anything you shouldn’t do at the moment, i know this is a silly question, but is it ok to be lifting & working???

Thank you ladies all so much for being here God bless you all xx

Hi, I carried on working right upto the day I was admitted for my operation, but thats the way I was able to cope, I felt i needed to be at work from the day I was diagnosed I wasn´t going to give in to cancer, I was better by keeping my mind busy etc, People react so differently though, So if you feel you can´t cope with work that´s perfectly ok too.

As for lifting I was told not too in case of a cyst, tumour etc this can become inflammed or infected, really i think don´t lift unless you have to.

I know you are all going through terrible times at the moment but whatever the results it´s doable, and remember we are all here for you all.

Love Teresa x

Hi Teresa,

Thank you so much for this, I just recieved my details about my appointment on Tuesday & read them & now all i can do is wait.

I was having a pretty ok afternoon -only 3 bouts of crying since 12.30!!!- & then my best friend just called from America & i couldn’t even speak to her & that set me off again!!

Thank you for your kind words, this is definately one of the hardest things i have ever had to deal with in my life, & i have had some tough times before.

I will let you all know how it goes on Tuesday, i just wish i could fall asleep & then wake up just in time to go. Talking of which i maybe got 2 hours sleep last night. Trying my best to hold it together!!! Heather xx

Hi Heather and welcome to the forums.

Here’s the link to one of BCC’s publications ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which you may find helpful to read:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59/

If you wish to talk things through at any point please call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, it’s open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2, our team of specialist nurses and trained helpliners are there to support you.

Best wishes

To all you ladies waiting on appointments or results let me just say that that did seem to be the worse time for me as well…My lump was found on a routine mammogram last november, I’ve since had surgery, and although it’s not pleasant it is, as they say here, doable…you will get lots of support here, all you need do is shout…hugs to you allxx

Hi Heather, your not doing too bad then only 3 bouts of crying!!! LOL

Wait until the screaming starts now thats fun!!! No joking aside you will cope all of you ladies will, whatever the outcome, you just get on with it!

Try and relax a little I know, easier said than done, treat yourself even if it´s only an hour of what I call “me time”, Be selfish, buy a fresh cream cake and coffee, that normally works for me.

Hi Lucy,
I think i will definately give you a call, if i can stop crying for long enough that is, it would be great to speak to someone & just to know if what i am feeling -the emotions & the pain !- are normal. The thing that worries me more than anything is the fact that i didn’t go to the Dr’s because i had found a lump in my breast but because i was having pain in it so i am scared as to how long the lump may have been there.

I will definately call!

Thank you all again for everything

Heather xx