There is light at the end of the tunnel.........

Thank goodness I found this site! It’s been a lifeline to me and I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way and I know our friendship will continue…….

It was a year ago today I was sat in THAT room and looking into a very dark tunnel; a week later I was in it and became a ‘Newbie’ on this site.
I saw my consultant yesterday and was given a six month appointment, oncologist in three months so what I’m trying to say is, is that yes, "there is light at the end of the tunnel” but when you first step into it it’s very dark and unknown. BUT believe me as time passes the light does become visible and now one year on I’m looking at a beautiful sunny day and ready to step out into the big wide world again.

My advice? Talk and share your feelings; don’t bottle things up and if it’s the early hours of the morning this site is still here!
I found the friends I made on here absolute rocks and we walked the road together, held cyber hands and we’ve had lots of (and still do) cyber hugs, shared tears and lots and lots of laughter. The bcc helpline is wonderful too and I can remember the time when I rang them crying my eyes out and unable to speak, but just needed somebody there at the end of the phone; they were fab and managed to calm me down and talk to me - and of course I can’t forget my breast care nurse who’s been wonderful and supportive too and then there’s my district nurses too who still visit me and will continue to do so until my return to work in a few weeks.

So I want to say a huge “Thank you” to all my cyber friends and to BCC too.

And finally…… if this post gives just one person hope then it’s done it’s job!

Thanks for sharing and really glad you are feeling so positive. Thanks for reminding me about today’s sunshine - will get out into it and enjoy it and cherish all friendships too.
All best wishes to you

Thanks for posting. I entered the tunnel in April, thinking it had a dead end. Can’t wait to see that first chink of light!

I entered the tunnel in 2009 and saw bright light at the end! Sadly I then took a turn off and found a spinal tumour. However, I listened and was determined the light would start to shine again - and it did! However, another left hand turn and lung mets made the tunnel very very dark! No light - just darker and darker. But…there is light. It slowly started to glimmer in the distance and then got brighter and brighter. I now soak it up from the kids laughter, the feeling of sunshine on my face the birds singing and the adventures we have. So - somehow I dont look forward to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - it is HERE NOW if you look for it.

Hugs to all,

Sadie Xx Xx

Well done Dee your post is full of positivity (which I cling to for my Mum).
Sadie your post really made me quite emotional because it is so easy to forget the light is ‘here and now’ for all of us - if we have BC or care for others who are affected by it - thank you to both of you for such inspirational posts.
Esbee x

Yes thank you Sadie for putting such a different, but very true way to look at things.

and thank you ladies for your compliments and wishes; I wish you all well too x

YES there is light at the end of the tunnel, and even when a cloud hides it for a while, the clouds have sliver linings, and eventually get blown away.
My adventure into the dark started just over a year ago, and I am in such a better place now. When I see the newbies start with all their questions and worries, I feel so much for you all, but I cannot often be there for you , although I should be. Thank you Dee for starting this thread to give the new ones hope, and Sadie, I do hope your lights stays with you for a long long time.
Don’t be frightened to post, you will be amazed at the response, I have done, to share good and bad times, the replies have been wonderful and helpful and warm.

Thank Dee and Sadie. Although often think it, it can be hard sometimes to put down in words. Your postings will stay with me. Thanks again. Adi

Very inspiring post thanks. Its 6 months to the day for me and here I am - going back to work tomorrow. Some suggest waiting until Monday but Friday is ‘cake day’, a big enough attraction. I’m just looking forward to letting go of the cancer thing, although I’m still hoping for one more test to be done.

I agree, it is very very VERY hard at the beginning for everybody with this diagnosis. It takes time to imagine that you’ll be able to smile again, but there’s lots of us here to attest to the fact that there is light…


Aw shucks dee;-)
have enjoyed cyber support tooxxx

Hi. Just back from ct nd mri scans to see if this chemo is working nd read through these posts. I became quite emotional at my own post!! I had a wonderful time in the scanners visiting holidays nd walking through fields, I was quite sorry to come out. I know by monday, results day, I will be climbing the walls nd terrified!! So posting positive thoughts again so I can read nd re read them!

Hugs to all, nd enjoying such a positive thread!

Sadie Xx Xx

Thank you Dee. That is a very inspiring, thoughtful post. I have tears in my eyes, I don’t feel I have the the right words, but you have said it all,
Love and hopes for all our futures BD xxx

Sadie, (((HUGS))) and fingers crossed for Monday for you - and nice to see the sunshine was in there with you xx

Thank you BD, just wish we could make it all better and make everyone well.

And the sunshine is here too!

Denise x

Oh and Ninja, it does get easier when you’re ‘on the road’ so to speak…

Hello Dee,
Many thanks for your true frienship during the last 12 months. It’s great to have made such great friends at a time when we can understand eachother better than any other friends we may have at home.
I to have had good news today with good results coming from my first mamograme since dx this time last year.
What a difference a year makes.
Best wishes to all the new arrivals on this site. I hope you will all find as much great support here as I have. Thank you to all my cyber friens for your unswerving support during a difficult time in all of our lives.

Big hugs and best wishes to all,

Isabelle xxx