Hi I had a brief chat with Oncologist last week. He said to take temperature daily, once a day is enough. 


Can any one recommend a thermometer? Should I buy one that goes in ear or mouth? Which gives more accurate result? When I was in hospital they used in ear one but don’t want to spend a fortune if I can help it.


Any advice /suggestions would be great. Trying to get organised ahead of time, haven’t met the chemo nurse or see the chemo room yet. Think Easter hols have got in the way of appointments.




Hi my oncologist reommended the one from boots , the digital one , was £10 , but you can get them cheaper . Hope you find one.Good luck xxx

Angie xx


Got mine from my local pharmacy about £10, digital ear one


Good luck




Hi, the ear ones are good.  Also take your temperature before using any paracetamol as it can mask a fever. If you develop a fever above 37.5 you need to contact your chemotherapy helpline