they delayed my 1st tax

i went into hospital today to be told what to expect from my 1st tax
they made it sound so horrid i started crying
i think they thought i was having a mini breakdown lol
so they have delayed it till after xmas as i was so worried about being in bed for xmas as im a single mum

now im worried it will compromise my treatment?

they said i could get all the s e same as fec but i shouldnt be as sick,they arnt even giving me all the antisick i had on fec!
they said my bloods would plummet within 24hrs.
one big s e is fluid on the lungs and edema??? how will i know? what do i look out for?
she frightened me to death to be honest

Oh lovey they usually go they the other way and dont tell you enough about side effects!

Were you ok on FEC - we are all different you may be ok love - can you get someone to help?
I am not good advert for FEC or TAX cos I seem to be supersensitive to the lovely swamping ingredients - look at ‘1st chemo tomorrow’ and ‘friends needed dx May’ lots of tax advice xxxxx I am here if you want to chat - x

hi, i can understand how frightened you must be about starting tax, i was before i started it. I have just finished 4x tax and have come out the other side. They have to tell you all the side effects and they are really scarey. Its different to the EC but just as doable really. I found the side effects to be more intense than the EC but i recovered faster in the cycle, and i would even say that once recovered i have felt stronger and more me. Even if you get the side effects, you may only get them mildly, for example each cycle my fingers go a mixture of numb and very sensitive, but a week post chemo this side effect goes.
i hope all goes well for you when you do start it and try to remember its often the fear of the unknown that is the worst thing.
take care

thankyou for replying
oh yes she mentioned numb hands and feet that may go red and sore so i cant walk
i asked what to put on them and she said most ladies go to the body shop for hemp cream!!!

i had a very bad time on fec, had 3 , in hospital for sickness after the 1st. still sick on the others though not so bad.
it was the fluid on lungs thing that scared me
it is the not knowing that is scary
she gave me all the side effects but not really what to look out for if you know what i mean

im so sorry you are in that position, must admit i was similar, i went in bawling and it was the fear of the unknown. to be honest i dont know which one was worse? i would say that i was never sick on tax, it is different for people but it was more the aches and pains. The low immune thing did freak me out but its wierd you cant tell or i couldnt, however you do have to keep a check on your temperate more, i got an injection the day after which i think boosts your white blood cells (ah dont shout if im wrong, chemo brain) that was what caused me more pain, more achy and fluey. Really hope you get it after xmas, i dont think they would delay it due to your emotions if it was bad for you. lots of people have sessions delayed due to low immune system, so maybe you should enjoy xmas and then go back to it - really feel for you, i almost felt like saying just give me another 3 fec, cos at least i knew what to expect, its like starting again.

Good luck xxxx

i think most people dont get sickness on the tax, so thats got to be a good thing for you. My hands have got very dry, i think with being so paranoid about washing my hands all the time too. I have used aqueous cream which has eased them straight away. I had a picc line in and after 4 tax i havent needed 1 hospital admission. I even had 2 teeth out between cycles. You may surprise yourself and breeze through it, but i can understand how frightening it all is right now for you. Believe me i was so scared, i even got medication off my gp to help me relax beforehand, but i didnt end up taking it. There are a few good threads on here that a worth reading, the one that got me through it is advice on taxotere, so many tips on combatting side effects. Im sure you will be fine, one thing i have learnt is that we are stronger than we realise.
take care

Please ry not to worry so much about the se’s - unknown is scary etc etc
the oedema and lung fluid would be very obvious - ankles and legs swell up and that would alert you to get it checked out - I think IF that does happen it is not straight away but after couple of treatments - Not everyone gets all these things - i have loads of crap se’s but i do not have the terrible aches and pains from the bone marrow jab!!!

The most important thing is to check your temperature as LisaF says - try to enjoy your Christmas with your little one/s and we will all still be here for you when you start your firts tax - hugs xxx Lyn

Ah thanks for that - it was the bone marrow jab! x

thanks ladies
i feel a little better now
even my onc said lets hope the tax is easier on you than the fec lol

right,ankles and feet, at least i know what to look out for. thankyou.and how to spell it lol

im not going to be given the injection to boost whatever , as i had one on fec and my back was so bad they decided not to give me any more

i am pleased i can enjoy xmas more now so will make the most of it

yes at least you can enjoy christmas, and dont allow worrying to spoil it for you either. Also with the bone marrow boosting injection, i havent found it to be bad every time. The first one was, and this last one i have taken codiene for, but the 2 inbetween were fine. I looked at it as an insurance policy for keeping me out of hospital.
take care

Hi there
Hope you are okay, i don’t know about the tax yet, but i am glad that they have delayed it for you, now hopefully you can relax a little with your little one over Christmas.