they want to stop my chemo ! questions questions !

Hi ladies,
After my diagnosis of grade 3 invasive multifocal in march,(misdiagnosed prev sept) lymph node pos,ive had 3 cycles of epi,3 cycles of tax with massive almost complete reduction of tumours.Then I started on three cycles of cmf with two weeks on two weeks off,i am currently in hospital since ive had cmf ive had nothing but trouble,infected hickman taken out under emergency,two cases of sepsis and im in again with it, my onc came over out of hours last nite (very nice!) to tell me she wants to see me in two weeks but not for chemo,to bring my surgery forward, she said the cons far outweigh the pros of the last cycle to go ahead with it and she doesnt want to jeopardise my here i am tryin to get my head round the fact that my double mastectomy and immediate recon is actualy in about four weeks time. has this happened to anyone else ? can chemo stop working ? do u think theyre concerned that its stopped working or is it simply like she said that my bone marrow can take no more,surely all the tests im having will indicate something,im worried that she thinks the cancer is winning now… ? she didnt say that,but u know how u luk into things !
i cant wait two weeks to ask her all these questions,im hoping to be discharged today after my neuts come back !!
Also to all you surgery ladies, im having immediate recon (tram) but got rads after, which im told can affect the new boobs,has anyone not been affected by rads ???
sharon xxxxxxx

Sharon {{{hugs}}} sorry you are so worried… i really think they have decided to bring forward the op because of the bone marrow issue… i have heard of other people whose ops have been brought forward because side effects have been getting too much… By the sounds of it the previous chemo has been doing a great job and the time is now right to operate…

Can you give the helpline on here a call to also have a chat with someone…? hopefully they will be able to put your mind at ease…

Theresa x


Sorry to interrupt but just wanted to give details of our free helpline which is on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 – 2.00.

Kind regards
June, moderator

Hi Sharon,
I had my last cycle of tax stopped due to being in hospital with neutropenia and my op was brought forward. I was told the risks of having the last chemo outweighed the benefits. I am also grade 3 invasive multifocal lymph node pos. Had 4 x fec & 3 x tax

After my mx the pathology report showed only dead cancer cells so I guess the onc knew what he was talking about - although at the time I was upset as I wanted to have all the chemo I could!

Hope this helps


My gut instict is they know there stuff,i just worried that one particular chemo worked so well adn now they think the other isnt,but from the gist of the conversation it was more to do with the reoccurant sepsis and teh risks.Yours sounds like a great ending and I am hoping to have the same,uve made me feel much better thank you xx

Hi Sharon,
Glad I’ve made you feel better. Can’t help re the surgery question as I have not had a recon. Had 6 weeks of rads and apart from under my arm my skin held out pretty well.

Hi Sharon,
just wanted to say how sorry I am to read that you are in hospital and hope you will soon be home. Maybe you could write everthing down and then ring your onc on Monday and get the answers you need.
Love Debsxxx