Thickened breast tissue? Does this mean cancer?


I noticed an area of ‘thickened’ tissue about 6 months ago (I know). It hasnt shifted and if anything, may have grown. When I lie on my front, it feels like its pressing into me.


Finally decided this morning to go get it checked by my GP who advised that they was an area of about 4cm of thickened tissue. I am 32 with no BC family history and so he said that technically I wouldnt qualify to get a 2 week fast track referral but that he would ask for me to be given an apt within the same timeframes.


He did say that I shouldnt worry (ye right). So now i dont know how long i will have to wait to get an apt through and i feel abit lost. never been through this before.


could something like this be cancer? if there isnt an actual lump? am i being naive?


I don’t know the answer but am in exactly the same position and have also been referred. As well as thickened tissue I have a clear dimple and pain. I guess sometimes it’s fine and sometimes it’s not but try to distract yourself to make the days til your appointment go faster. That’s the bit I’m struggling with.

Thank you for replying. Although I’m obviously not glad you are in the same situation, it helps to know I’m not the only one feeling abit panicked!


I actually got referred by my GP on Thurs and they called me on Fri and gave me an appointment tomorrow! Great that it’s so fast but also a little concerning (?).


My GP said mine is a thickening approx 4 cm long. There isn’t really anything else tho i.e. no dimpling or pain associated, maybe just slight discomfort if I lean on it.


I’m trying to be positive as I know the stats are on my side but theres always that horrible worry that it could be something more. I have a 2 year old baby girl and more than anything Im scared of not being here to look after her :frowning:


I hope you get your appointment soon, the waiting is definately the worst!