Thickened lymph node under arm put what does this mean?

Hi my name is Sam, I’m 28 have an amazing boyfriend a gorgeous baby boy and life is perfect.
After having pain in my left breast I was referd to the breast clinic where they found tightening of a capsule which they said they were sure would be nothin to worry about however sent me for a scam to be on the safe side, when doing this they discovered under my left armpit which I was told was a thickened lymph node? I’ve had a biopsy done on this and will be getting the results back in 10 days time, the doctor and nurse were pretty laid back about it and said they’re sure it’ll not be anything to worry about but Waveney be safe rather than sorry. I’m so scared, I imagine they say this to anyone to stop people from worrying. Can anyone share some light as I don’t understand any of this or what the chances are that thisncould be cancer??? Any advice would be really appreciated xxx

Hi Samsy

Welcome to the forum. I am sure other members will be along soon to offer support.

Do consider giving our helpline a call. They can offer information and support and just listen to your worries. They will be open at 9.00. They’re open till 5 on weekdays and 9-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000 and calls are free and confidential.

Take care

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Hi samsy. I know it must be a worrying time for you but I just wanted to say that I don’t think the doctor would say something just to stop you worrying. They have to be honest, but obviously they also have to check to be sure. I was the opposite, I went and was told it ‘looks like cancer’ but they needed the biopsy results to confirm. I was thinking how can they say that unless they are sure? But they obviously were. They have a good idea and I don’t think they would, or are allowed to say something just to stop you worrying. Remember 9 out of 10 referrals to the breast clinic are not cancer. Good luck, the waiting is horrendous I know, but hopefully you’ll get good news. Fingers crossed for you x

Hey doodles thank you so much for that you really don’t know how much I appreciate hearing that! Roll on 10 days time tho so I know for definite.
So sorry to hear your news there, I have everything crossed that things are working out okay for you xxx