Thickening breast tissue???

Yea same still waiting on a appointment 5 weeks later really woried sick about it xx

Hello to all from Philippines here 1 year ago my right side breast was aching Ang sometimes I feel itchy and now my two breast already and I had back pain I don’t know what’s goin on but I don’t feel lumps on my breast but I’m worried because sometimes my back I’d feel like burning and also my chest and I had already many allergies in my arms and legs sometimes my two legs was cramping sometimes my eyes were blurry I don’t know what’s going on to body since I’m working here in Hongkong I’m afraid going to see doctor

Thank you Blossomshill yes i will go to the doctors tomorrow thank you for your reply…
Godbless us all

Helow blossom hill sorry for the late reply it’s just mastalgia mastitis thank’s God and thank you so much