Thickening in the breast


I’m not a new member, but didn’t know where to post this qyestion. I’ve often heard the term ‘thickening’ in the breast, but I’m not quite sure what it means. Anyone experienced this, if so could you please explain what it feels like?

Poemsgalore xx


Hi poems, I ask this question recently and unfortunately do think I got any answers :frowning: I would love to know this as a doc said I had some. Hope you get an answer x

I think it means a ‘thickening’ in the density of the tissue of the breast - usually around a tumour. I had this in the area of the lump which was lobular cancer, but not around the ductal cancer lump. It can delay early identification of a suspicious lump, so my surgeon said, as it makes it harder to detect.

Thanks Annie, I’m going to mention what I can feel in my remaining breast to my oncologist on Tuesday.
Sinfully, Hope that helps you too.

PG xxx

Having re-read my post, I realise I probably shouldn’t have said “usually around a tumour” as thickening can be caused by other, non-malignant conditions! Sorry if I misled anyone.

Annie x

I had this rather than a lump and to be honest its very hard to tell - it just feels a bit firmer if that makes sense - i would never have felt it ! So really is best to get it looked at :slight_smile:

I had this too rather than a lump. The skins just feels a bit more springy and firm to the touch, I also noticed a very slight indentation too. Unfortunately I ignored it for ages because it wasn’t a lump.

To be honest, I’m beginning to think that I’m being paranoid. I think the things I can feel are just normal but after all I’ve been through in the last six months, I suspect everything to be worse than it is. I’ve had chemo, and now on Anastrazole for at least five years. So I’m going to stop being daft and get on with the rest of my life. But would like to thank all of you for your comments.

PG xx

I had thickening & for 2 years went to various Gps in the Practice - at last a new GP ( i went about something else) noticed how many times I’d been & decided to refer me to the breast clinic to reassure me- it took the surgeon 2 minutes to detect lobular cancer- he said it is difficult to detect and many GPs would not be able to- the mammagrams dont always show it up- so my routine one 2 years previously had possibly shown it in its infancy but wasnt picked ;he  put me in immed for mammagram , ultrasound and core biopsies- proved him right. I had a mastectomy in 10? days (Oct 2011)and have just had a TRAM flap reconstruction (July 30th 2013). So ask to be referred to the breast clinic to check everything out- I wish I had been more pushy!