Things on your mind?

Hi folks,

I thought I would just share something that might help you at some stage.

Its just past midnight, I tried to settle down at 10.00pm because I am very tired having just had Chemo again.

Those of you who have had chemo know how it can mess with your brain, good thoughts bad thoughts, practical thoughts, reflective thoughts etc etc.

Tonight I just couldn’t get to sleep, this has happened lots of times but tonight I had the idea to just sit up and write down everything going through my mind.

I wrote randomly as words popped into my mind but something very ‘cleansing’ came from it. I wrote down my sadness over dearest friend dying, my two work colleagues deaths and how cross I was over how my dad died. I also managed to write down about how I want to spend Christmas, with my closest family and sorry to other family that want a piece of my time. I also wrote down some highlight over the past year.

I don’t need to bore you all with anymore details but I just wanted to log on to reach anyone out there who might be experiencing sleeplessness or just needing to clear their minds for a while. Why not try writing it all down, you may find it beneficial.

Night Night all


Hi Carol

Like you I went to bed at 10 but was back downstairs at 11.30. Have thought about writing stuff down - just don’t seem to have the energy! But it is supposed to be good for clearing your mind of things that are worrying you so I think it’s a good idea.

Hope you get off to sleep soon


Hello Carol
What good advice - I try to remember to write things down - it really does clear your mind. I know what it’s like to be awake due to the chemo (mine finished beginning of November) and I’m awake as I just don’t like night times very much since this all started. I do actually take something to help me sleep and it does help. I’m up late tonight as went to theatre and it took a long time to get home after but it was a very nice evening.

Anyway I hope that you do manage to get a good night’s sleep and that you have now got things off your mind for now.

Rebz xx


I quite agree with you cb - I have always been a ‘writer’ - at any bad/worrying time of my life.

I write a diary, on my pc, of how I’m feeling, what I want to do, other people’s feelings and things they’ve said or done - include everything - the good, the bad and the pain bloody awful!

It’s quite cathartic to read back over it some months later - when I’m low I can laugh at previous happy times - when I’m happy, I see how far I’ve come from the bad times.

I also keep separate letters (which are in danger of becoming books lol) for my two daughters. They both know they are on the pc - but also that they can’t read them cos I’ve password locked them - I guess that’s the down side - they are there for them to read when I’m not here - which sounds awfully morose but was just something I felt I had to do. Hopefully it will be a long time before they have to read them !

Margaret x