Things to help you through chemotherapy

I have had breast cancer , but was fortunate enough not to need chemo. Sadly my niece has just been diagnosed with triple negative and is about to start chemo. I really would like to give her some gifts that would be beneficial to her whilst undergoing her chemo and wondered if anybody could give me recommendations for what helped them. Thank you all so much xx

Hi Rose

With winter coming, I can’t think of a better gift than an ‘intelliheat’ blanket.  Mine has been a boon, a cosy cuddle up when you’re feeling lousy. Mine’s by Dreamland.

I took loads of things to chemo initially but rarely used them as most involved using my hand (which was otherwise occupied with a cannula). A kindle is better than a book (all that page turning) so maybe you could top her up with e-books. Otherwise, it’s balm tissues, sugar free sweets, an aromatherapy oil like lavender, rose, mandarin depending on her preference, just to waft under her nose now and then. The hospital takes care of all the anti-nausea stuff. Puzzle books are difficult because they may cannulate her dominant hand so writing is out. And some hospitals have terrible wi-fi so that rules out things for a tablet (until it’s tried out). I was treated in a massive hospital complex and, regardless of wi-fi, used up so much data. If she experiences hair loss, you can’t beat a cashmere beanie! I’m sure others will make useful suggestions.

Hope it goes smoothly for her xx

A hospital bag - a nice big bag that can be used just for hospital so that it doesn’t need to be unpacked and repacked for each trip. 
A pretty notebook and pen to write important info in. 
A big reusable water bottle as you need to drink 2L a day. 
Burts bees lip balm, Aveeno moisturiser, glass nail file, dark nail polish. 
Dressing gowns or silk pillow cases are always useful. 

The thing I’ve needed most (although haven’t yet got!) is someone to come round and say: ‘Right, I’ve got an hour, what do you want me to clean, wash, fold, cook?’ 

I’ll add ginger biscuits for taking the edge off nausea (not a replacement for tablets though) - I was given some very posh stem ginger ones in a goodie box from a good friend’s daughters

Ginger tea bags - couldn’t stomach mine at all though

If you can, a bag of pineapple bits (fresh or frozen) for if she gets horrible tastes in her mouth (could pop in all that water then eat afterwards)

Why not add some IOUs? IOU an ear to listen to you anytime you want. Do you live near? IOU an hour of housework/ironing etc