Things We Like About the New Forum

The new forum is now here and we are adjusting to the new layout and finding new glitches but compared with the last upgrade it’s been amazingly smooth and trouble free (some folk won’t recall that, but trust me, this has been brilliant in comparison).  Yes there are a few glitches, and some things we thought we didn’t like it turns out we did after all and so on , and so forth, but how about a positive thread with things we do like?


Here are a few of the things I like to kick us off…


I like that I can personalise the layout via preferences, set my own ‘sticky’ threads on a given board and order new-old or old-new:cathappy:


I like that I can reply to a thread a whole or reply to a specific post (even if I think maybe the layout could be tweaked a bit there):cathappy:


I like how easy it is to move around from board to board:cathappy:


The spell-checker… and that we can teach it words we use. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :cattongue:  If it could be changed to UK English at some point that would be the even more wonderful :catwink:


I love the cat emoticons!!! :catvery-happy:


Thanks techies and mods and testers, the amount of work must have been enormous and overall I reckon you’ve done brilliantly :cathappy:

i like being able to see my list of threads iv posted to in my profile…

i like the colour coded sections, so dont need to go in the bits that dont have anything to do with me unless i choose to.

i like the old to new/new to old option

i like the options button!

i also like that i can bookmark thread or forums.

i like that when you click on your friends profile it doesnt give a list of things on your own profile which was confusing on the old one.

i like see how long folk have been on the forum and how much they have posted so you know if somebody is knew… although i didnt join in 2038 which is what it says in my profile.

i also like the list of unanswered threads at the side but the seem to be very old threads but maybe just the sections iv been on only have old unanswered threads.

would also like to see UK english… it give the option of US english or US english lol… not much of an option hehe.

and most of all i love still being able to keep in touch with my BCC friends… so glad its up and running well.

hugs all round xxx


ps i also like that it says success! when your post has been accepted

oooh, one I found by accident!


The autosave facility (much likey) means that if you don’t actually ‘post’ a post, it is kept as  draft (you can see a list on your own profile page), so you can return to finish it off or delete it if you don’t want to post it.  I think this is useful for times when you want to go and check something on another thread or another website and come back.


Happy cat!  :cathappy: