Things you wish the breast clinic nurses hadn,t told you

Yup, still in the waiting room … But while I try not to think I read the posts about things non cancer people say and I thought of my experience and decided to see if anyone else was told something by the nurses at the breast clinic they would rather not have had explained… Here is mine … I got a letter say following your mammogram please come to the breast clinic for another. Exam and a biopsy… So I was all prepared. Got there and the nurse said … We are going to do some magnifying mammos if they show up fine youwon’t have to have the biopsy and can go home … I had the mammos … Then after a short wait was told I had to have the biopsy too. Now my treatment in the clinic was excellent but if I hadn’t been told the good first part I would have had both things done and been none the wiser and wouldn’t be as worried as I havebeen waiting for my results. Sometimes not explaining everything is much better thangiving me a little hope then making me even more worried about the results hope I haven’t offended anyone who might work at a breast clinic
Helen x

Before my op my BCN told me I probably wouldn’t need Chemo or even Rads. When I went back for results on my birthday was told needed both!!!
Wish she had kept her thoughts to herself

My BCN was chatting to the lady in the next bed then she came over to me, she said I don’t really have to talk to you because everything is fine, bye. Ok!! I was quite stunned as there was a high probability that I did have bc.
She did speak to me a fortnight later when I was told I had bc and held my hand when I was told that I had to have a further op, skin and nodes removed!! xx
PS Have got to say though she is a fab lady!!!

At my first clinic appt, after the first prod (before the mammogram and ultrasound) I was told it was probably just fluid and I would know it was fine during the US. The un-chattiness of the US guy was therefore quite disconcerting. Having the needle biopsy it was pretty clear that it wasn’t “just fluid”. I haven’t seen that particular BCN since (just luck of the draw, not at my request).

I was dx last year…first my gp told me it was just haematoma as my grandson had caught my breast with his foot whilst we were playing on his bunk bed…I was sent to the breast clinic as a precaution…was given mammo. ultrasound and biopsy and told there and then it was BC…then was told treatable…WLE and rads…ok… I can cope with this…went to see surgeon and was told MX and treatment…rads???..then when I went for the results I was told chemo…talk about break it to her gently…must say though…chemo wasn’t as bad as it looks on telly and I am glad I had it now…just wish they had told me everything at the beginning as I was only prepared for rads and the chemo decision was a real shock…my BCN is a fab lady as well…poor woman it’s a miracle she didn’t drown in my lake of tears at the time…M

When I went to the BC May 2011, I saw a GP who was working there a couple of days a week. My symptom wasn’t a lump, it was my nipple had gone slightly inverted. She examined me and said she didn’t think it was anything but had mammogram and they could see something so then went for US and radiographer was very experienced, she said straight away she could see it and she knew that a biopsy would be requested so did it straight away. GP with a BCN then told me there and then they were 95% certain it was cancer. Then went into a quiet room with BCN who talked to me and OH about options available gave me info to take home so that the following week when I saw consultant I could make some decisions. My consultant said she didn’t think I’d need chemo as she didnt think it had gone to the nodes. After MX, although tumour was small, a micromet was found in first node (they took 2 away) and it was recommended to have chemo and rads. My point is although things weern’t as they’d thought they might be, the BCN’s and consultant have all been brilliant. My hopes were raised but you could also see how dissappointed they were for me as well when told needed chemo. Its a journey you go through together. I was talking to OH yesterday about the cancer and said I just thank God that I went to GP as does he, cos neither of thought it would be anything. My treatment has finished, it was hard but doable cos you’ve got to do it and now on letrozole for 5 yrs. Istill have days when I’m really tired or tearful but they are fewer and fewer. back at work and getting on with it as they say.
Wish you all the best for your treatments.

Hi ladies
I wish I had been told something/anything from the start. Referred to breast clinic because of inverted nipple. Saw doctor at clinic who prodded and poked, had mammogram a week later, something there but ‘not thought to be serious’ (their words not mine, I still look at this letter and wonder what happened). Had US and biopsy a month later (why hurry it’s not serious!). Back a week later for results of biopsy and SLAP, hi Mrs xx You have breast cancer. No lead in, nothing. Then surgeon went on to state facts, I won’t call it a discussion as I’m sure I said nothing that made any sense probably just nodded. BCN was in the room as well and after surgeon had finished her speech about possible/probable treatments available the BCN took me in to a room where she handed me all the BCC booklets. I think she tried to explain stage etc. but my brain was in no state to figure out what she was on about,
I have had mastectomy (no recon), mid-way through chemo and the last time I saw/spoke to my BCN was when they took the dressings off (mid-June), at which time she handed me a comfie which might fit
I don‘t know when/if I have surgical follow-up (I assume they have one), know nothing about possible prosthesis, ie when /if I can have a fitting for same, probably other things I know nothing about, etc. I have phoned on a couple of occasions and got no response, so won‘t bother her again, I’ll just go with the flow.
OK, it could be me, I’m a private person, can be quite impassive in public, maybe because I didn’t break down at the news gave her the wrong signals about how I really felt.

I had already been told I didn’t have cancer (just a fibroid) as all of my results had come back clear. I found out the week after I had the fibroid removed when I was at the hospital having the dressing taken off. I just knew something was wrong because there was a nurse who wasn’t in uniform with a Breast Care Nurse tag round her neck with the Consultant - every appointment prior to this he’s had a uniformed clinic nurse there and he was also very brusque. However, this one day his manner changed and during the examination he kept nervously fiddling with his glasses, then he just said “I will have a word with you when you are dressed”. He then just went “well, it’s a good job the fibroid was removed because we found a cancer”. TBH, I already knew by that point on account of the atmosphere in the room, I was just waiting for confimation. I’d sent my OH for coffee and the breast care nurse had to go and find him.

When I went back into hospital for the removal of my lymph nodes, my breast cancer nurse was on holiday and I had her senior. She was an older lady of the old school hospital matron type and she was awful - she spoke to me and my husband the evening before the op and kept making serious statements like “this is a very crucial time in your treatment you know”. Talk about freaking us out, I was worried I wasn’t coming out of hospital.

Thankfully she retired a few months later, she just didn’t have the right manner for the job. Women need empathy, not somebody cold.

On my last chemo day I was so happy I was about to burst. I went to say goodbye to the nurses after it and one of them said “Yeah, I hope we don’t need you see you again round here… You know how these things can go…” Oh, thanks for spoiling an otherwise happy day! I hope I never ever have to see the chemo unit again, thanks.

Madjock I’m really angry for you…we need as much info as poss…I used to be quite passive…anything for a quiet life but this is taking the p***!!! My consultant was brilliant as was my BCN…I was dx this time last year and it took 6 weeks from dx to my op…right MX…I am going for checkup with surgeon on Tuesday…this is about 12 months since my op…I think I will be having mammo and then apt with himself or one of his staff. I was treated really well by all the staff in the hossie…the surgeon…the consultant and only met one rude lady when I was ill in the onc unit in jan who asked me…when did you have your errr Mx…didn’t wait to hear my answer and walked out of the room…she had a box of chocs on her desk so I must have disturbed her…if I hadn’t been so ill I would’ve given her what for…I cried when they gave me my comfie and the nurse brought a selection of sizes…helped me fit and held my hand as I wept…as for the prosthesis…I’m still getting round to that…I do know they have a selection at the hossie in the McMillan room…it’s just going…I am a very private person and hid my BC so well that no-one realised until july when I took my wig off because I was too hot…super short brillo do going on at the moment but it’s better than none at all!!! I have learnt to be more assertive now…from someone who doesn’t do confrontation…this is massive…I think also that you can get info from the helpline but I’ve only cried on there not asked any questions about prosthesis or anything…anyway I hope you find out what you need to and don’t let anybody fob you off…M

Cherub…I missed your post…this reminds me of a nurse when I was pregnant the first time with my son…we are talking a lot of years ago but I don’t like blood tests now and didn’t then…she brandished the needle at me…peered over her specs and said…this is going to hurt you more than me…I woke up on a trolley in her office after being picked up off the floor…when I went to the chemo suite I made sure I sat on the bed for bloods and cannulla etc!!! Glad times have moved on and nasty old fashioned nurses are hopefully a thing of the past