Think I am going mad!

So I have 5 days left to go to my clinic appointment and I am not sure if it’s psychological but my neck/back/shoulders are hurting. My breast is still tender and lump hasn’t changed but I am in such a state thinking I’ll be dead before the year is out. Need to stop googling it I guess as I maybe making up symptoms in my head.

Hi clare 1807, what you are going through is normal. I think many of us on here have been exactly the same in your thinking. Before I had my op, wle and sentinal node biopsy, like you I was convinced it was everywhere and just wanted my op day. Thereafter, waiting for results 3 weeks, still had very similar thoughts and when my surgeon told me All Clear, I cried, so much relief, but now whilst waiting to see my onc. 11the march, I still have horrible thoughts. To be perfectly honest, I believe this will always be in our thoughts, but as the other fantastic ladies on here advised, it does become easier but you have to get on and live your life. Try and stay postive, it does help and talking also helps, we are all here for you, anytime, sendings hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks I am petrified I have a 5year old boy and my fear is not for myself (sounds daft) I am more worried how it will affect him, my partner and my mum if I get a diagnosis of cancer. We lost my nan to cancer 4 years ago (not breast) and my poor mum still isn’t right from it I do fear she won’t cope and she will become ill herself

Thank you everyone on here is really lovely and it does calm me hearing positive thoughts. I am trying to not be so negative and prior to this I always thought I was a glass half full person (how wrong I was) I am hoping the hospital can provide some answers Friday (the 13th what’s the chances) I really don’t know how I will cope with more waiting xxx

Doncaster the hospital I have heard is pretty good but I suppose it depends on the day which doc u get. My appt is at 9am so hopefully this means I have a wide scope for getting some results

Thanks so much xxx

good luck for tomorrowx