Think I'm overthinking?

attended breast clinic on Tuesday for the purple/pink mark and swollen breast and thankfully all clear from ultrasound scan and Consultant said it wasn’t ‘angry’ lol love that term.

But got out of the shower just now and noticed a dent underneath my breast when lifted up my left arm and breast when looked in the mirror.

I feel like an over worrier as this is a new to me and don’t want to waste more time when there are others that need it too.

Does anyone else feel like this?

Hi Mrsk

There are many women who feel like you. My instinct is to say at least you are breast aware. I used to teach it as part of Health Education to sixth formers, cringing inside, knowing all I did was a quick swipe in the shower, despite the fact that my mum had had breast cancer twice! Hypocrite.

The important thing is that you have had an ultrasound scan and that will have covered your whole breast so, if there were any issues, the consultant will have picked it up. I’m assuming you also had a manual examination of your breasts - they know exactly what they are looking for and what breast cancer feels like in almost all cases. 

However, if you are worried still, see your GP. Maybe s/he can reassure you. Ideally they’d explain to you what to look out for so you are more certain. You need to understand the map of your own breasts so you notice when your ‘normal’ changes. But all breasts are different so you need guidance on this, especially as it seems you have a bolshy breast!. You certainly should never worry that you are taking up time someone else may need. It is your right.

In answer t your final question, the answer is a resounding yes. It’s hard to stay detached when the thought of breast cancer takes hold - but remember that up to 90% of referrals turn out not to be cancer. Hold onto to that. Try to let it go at least for the weekend, so you can carry on with your usual life. Park the fears somewhere, on the understanding you’ll return to them when you are ready. That may be Monday, it may be never, if you get plenty of replies to reassure you.

Take care xx