Third biopsy on the same spot..mammotome?

Hello everyone, this is a bit of a long story…but here goes. I had a mammogram on 3rd Oct. they saw 2 areas of micro calcification, so they did 2 core biopsies there and then. A week later I went back. I got told one area was okay but the other was high grade DCIS. They couldn’t tell me which (hadn’t analyzed the results yet, I suppose).

They gave me a pre-op date for 2 weeks later (22nd) and an op date for WLE on 30th Oct.
When I went to have my op I waited a lot and finally got called in and told that they weren’t going to do it that day because they wanted to do another biopsy of the ‘okay’ area. They took the biopsy, but it was inconclusive again. It is really deep into my breast, and it was hard work trying to get the area onto the x-ray plate, anyway, they want me to have a third biopsy in the same spot, this time using a mammotone, on Friday.

The radiologist thinks I have DCIS, but the prof thinks I should have the 3rd biopsy
because IF the area is not cancerous it will save me having a pretty big partial/full mastectomy, and the recon that goes with that.
I just feel like saying ‘take it out.’ I have spent such a long time just waiting around and I was psyched up for the op.
I know they are being thorough and trying not to do any unnecessary surgery. I am 36. I know I am really really lucky that I even got a mammogram in the first place, and it has been caught before it became invasive, but I still feel overwhelmed and confused.
Has anyone been in this situation? Could anyone give me some advice please?

Hi Maria,

I have not been in your situation.

I expect that your consultant is being cautious and trying to save you from having more surgery in the future if they do not get clear enough margins and is being thorough pre-surgery. Unfortunately, it is not good for you to think that you are having surgery and then have it cancelled on the day. It is very frustrating.

I had high grade DCIS and did consider having a mastectomy but did not need one in the end. I put my trust in my surgeon and had a very wide excision and reconstruction. I also lost the nipple and areola.

Sorry that I am not of much help. Hope it all goes well for you soon.

Kat x

Hi Maria

I was diagnosed with high grade dcis, but after consultation with surgeons, and oncologists etc because mine was very deep and quite widespread, a masectomy was the only way ahead, I was extremely scared of the whole thing, and eventually I agreed to the masectomy, now I have just been told that the dcis was very close to my chest wall and that I will need rads as well, I had a scan then a biopsy but there was no mention of any othe biopsy. I felt at the time that I would never cope with having a masectomy, but with the support of a good hospital team and family I can honestly say that I am glad that I went with the masectomy, also I was offered immediate reconstruction which I declined. I have also told my consultant that if I every have to have another biopsy on the other breast that I would bypass and just have the masectomy. I dont know if this will help, but we are all here to help you through this awful time


Thanks for the replies, both of you.
It was very frustrating, but I do have to trust in the hospital team.
I had the 3rd biopsy as it was hard to take a sample from one area because the calcification is very close to the chest wall, too. I will know this week how much of my breast I will lose.
Thanks for the support.

Hi Maria

Will be thinking of you this week. Please let us know how you get on. Its waiting for results that is worst.


Thanks Heather

You’re right, waiting is awful, but I got some good news today, though it hasn’t sunk in yet. All the samples in the chest wall area seem to be benign, so for now I am having WLE on 27th for the area nearer the front of my breast.This is what was originally planned for me.
I feel the same as you, I suggested they just take it all, I was told that is ‘old-school’ thinking.It would mean more peace of mind, I think. Have you started the rads?
Hope everything is going well for you.


Hi Maria I too had 3 core biopsies, at weekly intervals, I told them from day one, just remove the lump, but they wouldn’t proceed until they had the sample and information they wanted, eventually they got it on the 3rd biopsy, and I had my WLE a week later. The lead up to the op, and waiting for results was horrendous

Good luck for your op and treatment


Hi Maria,

Infection has now cleared up. Went for my fitting for prothesis on thursday, bcn was brilliant, we couldn’t get the false one to balance with my normal boob, we were ages trying this one then another, my problem appeared to be my nipple on my own boob, they are rather large, anyway eventually the bcn said she had an idea and disappeared, she then came back with a partial prothesis designed for filling in spaces left by wle apparently put that in my bra and hey presto a perfect match, and I now have two pert boobs. My daughter came with me and brought my little grandaughter with her, we then went shopping, and she proceeded to tell anyone who would listen that Grannys baddy had gone and that she now had a new booby. Nothing is sacred, so the whole world is aware of it. Funnily enough it did not upset me much, so now I have two boobs my confidence has been helped as well.

I hope everything goes well for you on the 27th will be thinking of you.

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