Just wondering if anyone else has the same extreme thirst experiences as me following chemotherapy ?

I’ve had 3 FEc chemos when all was reasonably okay, thirst wise. Now have had 2 Taxotere, the last one being on 22nd April. Over the last few days (a week after the chemo) I’ve been extremely thirsty day and night. On Thursday night I was waking every half hour needing to drink/go to toilet, then not able to get back to sleep.

I phoned the hospital first on Thursday (they said thirst was normal, carry on with fluid intake). I phoned again on Friday morning and they told me to go in to get it checked out. (I think they suspected diabetes)… They carried out lots of tests but results all came back normal, so they could not explain it. I’m now monitoring fluid in/out and have got to go back on Tuesday for a couple of remaining results.

I do feel it’s being investigated, but would be interestedif anyone else has experienced the same ??


Yep same here, I have had 3 x FEC so far and am very thirsty all the time, in fact I have to carry a bottle of water whenever I am out and about. I also wake up and having a sore tongue from where it is dry!

Just keep guzzling the water/fluids, it can only be doing your body good and flushing any remaining chemo drugs out.

Paula xx

I got a bit like this on taxotere & it continued for a while afterwards too. Dry throat all the time, & my saliva seemed to be too ‘thick’. Found a tip on the web somewhere - sugar free chewing gum. At the time I didn’t like mint at all, but there are lots of fruity ones, & it seems to keep your saliva going, & so helps your mouth & throat stay mooist. It was especially useful when drinking constantly wasn’t practical, the journey to & from rads for example. My favourite was Orbit lemon & lime.

i have just started Tax after 3 FEC and have found i am definitely more thirsty on TAC. thanks foe the tip with regards to chewing gum i will defo be using that. i have been having lots of icepops as well, my children will be miffed as they are theirs. drinking loads of water with all drinks so hopefully that will help.

Thanks for responses.

I’ve drunk 5 litres over last 24 hours…so definitely keeping hydrated !! Just hoping it will eventually wear off.