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— this morning tv

— this morning tv — Has anybody just watched This Morning tv with the lady who was diagnosed ten weeks ago with breast cancer…

I have so much I want to say about this but am so angry I would love to hear others’ opinions first to hopefully calm me down. I will wait in anticipation as I pick the pieces up from outside my window of my television.

Joy x

Yes —I am just killing time waiting to go to the breast clinic this afternoon (new lump to check) and I just saw the back end of the article.

I know what you are saying I was speechless and I only saw the first bit. My immediate thoughts were that she will not be saying it is the best kind of cancer to get in a few months time!!!

I would say count to 10 but probably a hundred won’tbe enough!!!

—aaagh ------ Has anyone seen my posting on current issues forum on the This Morning tv programme.

It made me sooo angry. Maybe they would be better listening to those of us on this site who don’t find cancer treatment easy and who don’t think ‘breast cancer is a GOOD cancer to get’ or who know that to say ‘only a few women die of breast cancer’ and that ‘there is a cure for cancer’ is a lie.

PLEASE will you all eemail THIS MORNING TV if you agree.

What a stupid, hurtful message it gave out to those of us who have suffered with friends who do not appreciate our fears.

Sory if I have upset anybody.

Joy xxx

DITO i was actually sitting talking to my nurse when it came on what did she mean breast cancer is the best type of cancer to get.
tell her to come onto this forum then oooooooooh it makes me mad too.

What a load of ??? I may be banned from the site if i spell it out, and i dont normally swear mind you having cancer and chemo has made me swear alot lately.

Ofourse i dont know why i should feel angry. i should be dancing around with joy thinking well this is the best cancer to get and arent I a lucky sod to have it and oh well whatever its curable etc.
I mean i am due my second chemo on thurs and for the last 3 weeks have had constipation ulcers and extreme tiredness and a low blood count.

I mean i have only lost a auntie many years ago a friend who was 36 about 10 years ago and my wonderful mum almost 2 years ago to it and am currently watchin a dear friend who has liver secondaries from it.
Gosh i didnt watch the prog and I am so glad i didnt.

I always feared getting this cancer and nothing could have prepared me for the hard hard hard life its presented me with.

they speak a load of rubbish and how dare they minimise it,

Love Ruth x

— I just watched this bit of 'good morning 'completely by chance.I felt quite disappointed by the doctor ,he could / should have pointed out that everyone’s experience will be different and that complementary therapies whilst having chemo are not , in my experience at least ,that common… I ve never seen or heard of anyone having reflexology on the chemo ward, in the private or public sector., although i think I did read about it in a book once .I havent heard of ultrasounds being used in the consulting room so casually either ! -I feel quite shocked / envious that the day after her second chemo, which obviously included doxyrubicin / epirubicin… the red one… ,she is there on national tv looking great ! I was lucky to make it downstairs to collapse in front of the tv !I dont think it said where she was having her treatment but if it is nhs it looks amazing.

Didn’t see it — but I know from some of the reactions I had from friends when I told them I had BC there’s an almost “casual” attitude towards this disease, as commented on before in this forum mainly caused from the press pronouncing celebrities “all clear” or “cured”. No such bl**dy thing I say to people now when they make comments like that, they think you can bat it off like the flu or something … grrrrrrrrrr!!!


— The email address — Anyone willing to e mail them with a true story of what chemo is like for the rest of us (I certainly wasn;t given a foot massage whilst undergoing chemo, or an ultra sound so readily during treatment),

the address is thismorning(at sign)itv.com The at sign is the sign over the ’ which I think this site doesn’t accept if we type it.

Joy xxx

— If you look at the website for 'this morning 'as i just did when i sent them an email, there is a more detailed account of her diagnosis and treatment and the other complementary therapies she has used.The breast cancer care logo accompanies the article for some reason which surprised me somewhat !

confused —Because I did not see the whole article I missed what sort of bc she has. I thought I heard her say something about it not being invasive??? I am just wondering if it is not invasive why she is having chemo?Or did I hear them wrong.
Anyway I should be really looking forward to my afternoon at the breast clinic!!! (sorry for the sarcasm)!


what a stupid woman yes i’ve just watched this and i too am annoyed/angry etc.

what a perfect opportunity to put across the views of countless numbers of woman (and men) who have/are suffering from this.

i do not think i’m lucky to have such a “trendy” cancer as breast cancer - i’d rather not have had it at all.

i wish i’d had the foresight to let the cameras “follow” me on my journey so the nation can see how i’ve gone from having long hair to bald head, head down the toilet puking, lack of confidence, having to cope with a 6 month old new baby, partner being made redundant so therefore stress on our relationship, mouth ulcers, sore arms, constipation and piles - to name but a few.

stupid, stupid woman

baldrick x

I agree totally Whilst i know she was trying to be positive about it all, I think it gave a false reasurrance to most people that treatment will be " a breeze". To infer that nobody dies of breast cancer anymore is not true, to say that survival rates are 90% at 5 years without saying that for most of us, 5 years isnt that long ( ie what happens after those 5 years, many of us wont even be in our middle 40’s by then, & if youre 28 when you are diagnosed, 5 years is nothing!)…and to say that " if youre going to get cancer, breast cancer is a good one to get" was just so patronising. To top it all…to say " breast cancer is almost trendy"…I dont know what to say, Im livid.
We didnt realise how lucky we all are, did we, to get this fabulous disease.
Ive never emailed a TV programe before, but I will be as soon as Ive finished ranting on to the realists on this site!!

—I have read the diary on web site and understand why she is having chemo. Sorry that will teach me to miss bits of programs !

Why are we surprised? I’ve just had a look at the website and feel pretty weary about this completely inaccurate portrayal of what its like to have breast cancer. No one, but no one, with a grade 3 breast cancer and lymph node involvement has a 90-95% chance of it not recurring. Something like two thirds of people with lymph node involvment get recurrence.

I didn’t see the TV programme but the tone of the website story is the same old ‘think postive’ ‘help yourself’ ‘heal yourself’ nonsense whcih is so rife in the public face of breast cancer world, and which sadly many people with breast cancer also buy into (not any of us wonderful women feeling furious of course…)

Thanks for highlighting this Joy. I’ll probably send an e-mail too.


Two more thoughts 1. Why does BCC’s logo appear with this story on the website? I hope that BCC has not endorsed this story. Please moderator can you let us know? I think that you at least have a responsibility now to correct the inaccurate statistics on this woman’s prognosis.

  1. Stories like this are simply not ‘positive’ for people starting breast cancer treatement…they serve to make people who are feeling pretty grim anyway to feel additionally anxious that somehow they are not coping well enough. Having cancer is shit…a complex kind of shit…and yes most of us learn to live with it… (not much choice) find our own ways of enjoying what we can, of looking forward, of making the best of it…but its still shit…end of…


Thanks Joy for highlighting this. I didn’t see the programme but have looked at the website and am angry and upset that this distorted view of life with BC is being portrayed. I’ve fired off an email with my thoughts and my own experiences, hope many others do the same.

Love and best wishes to all.

Catfan xx

Just emailed ITV & feel slightly less worked up now !!
Id advice everyone to email ITV…its good therapy. Maybe now , my risk of survival will also have risen miraculously to be 100% as quoted on their website! TV maybe can work miracles :slight_smile:
Right, rant over, Im in need for some retail therapy & a glass of wine after all that!

sorry I am confused Hi all, I am still trying to get my head round this, I’m totally confused (mind you I have just had 1st chemo so brain cannot function right at the moment) I was just reading what JaneRA was saying and must say I agree, I have a Grade 3 with lymph node involvement which is invasive, my surgeon whom I trust very much told me that reoccurance is possible. I am also likey to get the same in the left breast but the team will be monitoring me closley. I have just been to the website yet again and like all of you am so angry.

I will be sending an e-mail shorlty.


I missed this so can anyone tell me Hi Joy, I missed this, can you advise whether it was on GMTV or a programme on ITV as they both have seperate e-mail addresses.

Would also appreciate if someone can point me to this womans diary or to any further info on this.

Like so many of you I am fed up with “all clear” and “best cancer to get” being spouted to me by friends and family !!!