this thread carries a chrissie moral health warning

Hi Girls. Welcome to our new thread. Look forward to you making this post fantastic, a place to go after a crap time or not, whatever the reason for a giggle.
Love Chrissie xx

am in

OOh Chrissie - there’s so much potential…how good is your moral health just now?

Sue xxx

Oh Gooday Ladies,

I am so glad to have this opportunity to have a bit of tittle-tattle with you all on this very nice thread.
I have just spent the afternoon with Mummy - had to have a little tear with her about this beastly disease - Oh filthy thing - she said.
Anyway we soon cheered up, we had ginger ale with lashings and lashings of lemonade, that soon made us feel better.
Then do you know what? my brother Nigel turned up! well a bit of a Spiv is Nigel. He had the top down on his car - mummy gets so worried about him catching cold.
It was so nice to have these visitors - then would you believe my good friend and neighbor call Daphne called in - absoloute hoot old Daphne - a bit hard of the old hearing though - she kept asking me when am I having my vasectomy!!! I don’t know what that is - something to do with those dreadfuly beastly men, I presume. Mummy says - best keep away darling - they are full of germs.
Anyway, it’s all been a bit of a hectic day, I think I will have to have one of my lie downs now and take my tablets, I am absoloutely pooped!

Well Tallyho girls
Wishing you all a very good day
Traceyina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Chrissie

I’ve been wondering how you’re doing as I hadn’t seen anything on Nob has left the building part two for a while! Where have you been posting?

Count me in for a giggle please (you’d probably hear me laughing as I do not laugh quietly)!



Hello Chrissie and all

Well I could do with a bit of a giggle myself…especially after I went to the local social club the other day and some elderly ladies stared at my headscarf and one of them remarked very loudly "Did I tell you what happened to Mary? Her hair grew back curly after she had to shave her head when she had ringworm! !!!**!!!

Moonshine, please tell Daphne that it’s a load of rollocks.

Louise x

Can I just say something if I may. There were a few comments on the other thread I guess aimed at me, about people complaining about threads. Yes in the past I have complained about a thread, and yes a few people knew about it, but I am pretty certain I am not alone in complaining about a thread.

I read quite a few references, and at first I ignored them, but I want to just inform everyone on here that I was NOT one of the people who complained about Chrissies thread. I am very happy the way things are in my life at the moment especially with mum but felt a few little digs were being made in my direction about the same people complaining, so I felt I wanted to put this on here for everyone to see. So for the record, I did NOT complain about Chrissies thread!

Thank you for reading this.


eee by gom (That was for Victoria) This is just like moving house hee hee.
Moral health is booming thank you very much. lovely to come home from a hard hour at sainsburys and talk to you all.
Nice to see your watching your P&Qs Traceyina, love your family and who in the hell has a neighbour called Daphnie. Your an absolute hoot!
I know Judy has been very busy dealing with her pussy today, so hope she’ll be on later. She only lives up the road so I’m going to drag her out for lunch. Have to tie dye her arm stocking yet.
In the middle of cooking spag bog at the mo.
Love to you all xx

Oh dear Jules I was just about to reply to your PM. Lets none of us get our knickers in a twist over this. Chit chat and fun is where this thread should now be. Let’s keep this thread light as that is the intention and you are more than welcome to join in.
Chrissie xx

Thats cool, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew as I certainly don’t want any bad feelings on here with anyone, especially at a time when my life is picking up and things are getting back to normal.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Jules x

Have to say Daphne sounds like a right old laugh, she should join us here cos I’m sure she would keep us all very entertained.

My Nana once forgot to open her kitchen window when boiling potatoes and later remarked on the ‘condomnation’ running down the glass, this was the same woman who stopped going into town because the bus company had started employing some very ‘erotic’ drivers… bless her.

Anyways - have had my little nap and am back refreshed, just need food now and I will be on top of things.

My Mum calls Primark primate. ha ha

She also visited today and said she hasn’t said anything nice to me or showed any concern since I found the lump as she didn’t want me to worry about her worrying! NUTS!

awwww bless her - I suppose I can see her logic … I did the same thing in reverse so to speak, I made out I was really cool about things (and to a large degree I was) and told all concerned that the cancer was nothing major … when I phoned my surrogate daughter I told her it was jsut a ‘little cancer’… she said no such thing, cancer is cancer and there isn’t any ‘little ones’… she is 20 going on 56!

I didn’t have a nap today, first time in months. ha ha Who is your surrogate mother?

OMG I read the title of this thread and thought your name was chrissie moral, what a dork!!!

AJ thats THE funniest thing…can’t stop laughing

Not fully woken up yet AJ???

But I am. Full of them ha ha ha ha

OK girls What is your best ever saying?
Mine is… The best way to get over one man is to get under another.
Beat that gem.