This waiting malarky is very hard......



I went to the docs a few weeks ago as i had been suffering pain in my left breast for quite a while and it had built up more and more.  As my Mum had breast cancer I am super conscious so thought I would get it checked out.  GP referred me to the breast clinic and I went last Thursday.  Had a mammo and my breast was clear, but they found a lump on my other breast that neither the GP or Consultant had felt in examination.  They aspirated it and it isnt a cyst, so I went back for a biopsy that afternoon.  They took 3 good samples and the radiologist was very reassuring that he thought it had a high probability of being B9, which is great.  You still worry though - Its great that he was positive, but I still need to hear that the path report confirms that it is B9.  I had an appt today for my results, but they called me an hour before to say my results werent back yet and Ive got to wait another week - that really took the wind out of my sails - Ive been staying really upbeat and trying to be positive, but its such a worry - Ive got to gather all of my positive strength to get through another week.  its such a strange time for me as I have been on garden leave at work and start my new job a week on Monday - I had hoped for good news today some time to get over this and then start my new job and now this will hang over me for another week, as positive as I am trying to be.  Did you guys get a predicition from your radiologist - were they accurate?  Much love to all those waiting and for everyone with their results.  I know if this is B9 then Im incredibly lucky and this waiting would pale into insignificance if it was malignant but its a very difficult wait. xxxxxx

Hi Sazzy, I’m another newbie. The wait is awful isn’t it - I had mammos and ultrasound last Thurs at the breast clinic, having seen my GP two weeks earlier after I found a lump/thickening a few weeks before that. Mammos/ultrasound also spotted a cluster of cysts in the same breast but on the other side of the breast, so as well as a a core biopsy from the thickening I also had fine needle aspiration from the cyst site, although I don’t think anything came out.

I’ve been up and down ever since, and joined this forum today because it’s been a “panic” day, all day, got until next Tues before I get the cytology results at clinic. It must be awful for you having your appointment postponed last minute like that, knowing how I’m building up to mine. Hang in there, keep busy and time will hopefully seem to pass more quickly x

I think Radiologists are relatively accurate. Mine said ‘definitely cancer’ just like that. They can tell from shape etc to some degree. I’d be quietly confident. Fingers crossed.

Thank you Cesrabit, I am grateful for the reassurance they offered. I’m sorry your diagnosis was positive. I hope your treatment is going well. Appreciate you posting. Take care x

Hi Sazzy, when I had an ultrasound done (no mammo due to my age) the radiologist was pretty certain it was benign and she was right. They know their stuff although I totally understand it doesn’t take away the worry! Xx

Thank you Frances! X

Hey Blondie - good luck tomorrow xxxx

Hi new to this, i had a letter on thursday for a mamogram recall, huge family history, just been supporting my cousin recovering from masectomy after being diagnosed, 3months ago. Have appointment for end june, have nipple inverted and clear discharge, was told last year it was hormomal, now am scared something has been missed, the waiting is awful.

Hi Jeni,

Good luck with your appointment the waiting is very hard. Luckily for most of us we will only have to wait a few weeks and receive a B9 result. For those who receive a BC outcome the waiting continues to see if it has spread, if treatment is working etc. 80% of women who have a biopsy will be B9 they are good odds and let’s hope we are both in that 80% xx

Hi guys, I’m totally with you on the waiting, I’ve just been this morning for a more detailed mammogram to be told I have micro calcifications and need a biopsy, to which I now have to wait for another appointment, hopefully we can help each other through these bloody long days x

Hi ladies I agree the waiting is very painful, I had my diagnosis on 26th May and having lumpectomy on 22nd June … and that 4 weeks can’t come soon enough for me. Then it’s 2 weeks waiting for results and several weeks for radiotherapy and like some of you I too have a family history so will be having the genetic test shortly so that will mean more waiting to determine my next course of action.


The only time I haven’t waited so far is for the biopsy, they did it on the same day they called me back as they couldn’t see it via the ultra sound, that was a blessing, but nobody said anything about what they saw so was very positive that it wasn’t BC.


Anyone would think we didn’t have anything better to do in life!!  So glad I found the forum Suzie xx

Hey Suzie I’m sorry your diagnosis was BC. There seems to always be so much waiting around for results, surgery. Thinking of you and sending good luck wishes for your surgery and treatment xxx

Hey Kerry

It’s so hard when you are called back for things, you just think - please get what you need at one go and give me feedback asap! The only comfort is that when you do get the results you can feel confident that you have been properly tested. Good luck xxx

Hey Blondie - how did things go? X

Thanks Sazza for the good wishes, it’s so nice to read all the great comments, everyone is so suppotive of each other xx  Not a club we would wish to join but making the most of it!!


Have you started your new job yet?  I’m in a similar position, same job just a different Line Manager and possibly a new office, this will be happening whilst I’m away from work so I have arranged with HR to still report to my existing manager for the time being. That is a weight off my mind.



I emailed the breast nurse today to find out if there was anyway they could give me the results today as I knew they had them for discussion today. She called and was absolutely lovely and confirmed a B9 Fibroadenoma!! OMG so relieved! The tears just would not stop - happy tears just such an enormous relief! The radiologist was absolutely right! If they say probably B9 try and focus on that and stay positive! Much love to you all and hope you all have happy outcomes xxxxxx