This week's Radio 4 appeal

Dear all

Wasn’t quite sure which category for this one but …

I have just listened to this weeks’ appeal by Barbara Want. Barbara’s husband, Nick Clarke, was a favourite broadcaster of mine on R4. After all of his cancer treatment, including a leg amputation and a very harsh chemotherapy regimen, Nick eventually returned to work but sadly he died not many weeks later - around a year ago - leaving Barbara and 4 year old twin sons. In helping her sons to understand death and deal with their grief Barbara turned to Winston’s Wish (the subject of this week’s appeal) who have worked with Barbara, the boys and their teachers. Details of the appeal:

Winston’s Wish:

Would that there had been such a charity around when I lost my Mum at 8 years old, perhaps I’d have some pictures or memories of her.

Anyway, I wanted to publicise the appeal and draw your attention, especially those of you with children, to the charity and the work it does.


Dear Dahlia

I sometimes think you are psychic. I hadn’t realised how bad Nick Clarke’s cancer was, but for once I was so moved by that appeal that I have actually posted a cheque off. What wonderful work and what an impressive woman.



Dear Dahlia

I know - I have to give myself a good slapping every now and then, though by nature I am much more up than down. I’ll keep a look out for that book and see if I can read it befre we meet up. Incidentally Pauline has reappeared on the other thread, and I knw Lollie was interested so we must get moving soon. I’ll volunteer to book once we have a date! We both seem to be R4 addicts as well. Uninterrupted listenng was one of the joys of being in hospital, and I got very fed up with people wondering if wouldn’t prefer a TV. No way!

I’m ok. Seem to be taking time to shake off the last side effects like not eating and being scared to go too far from the loo though god nows there is nothing much more to come!). But a bit better every day and I think I’ll be fine by the weekend and ready to face the inflation on Monday if my blood is ok. Ding a lot of reading and jigsaws with the cats at the moment, but will be back cooking soon and thinking about the next job. Or may be I will wait for some hair before I really start looking!

Much love