thought I was half way thru chemo

Yesterday I had my 3rd chemo and thought I was half way thru and he said we may do 8 FEC … my tumor has shrunk but the thickening is still there he said??
YUK! I did so want to be half way thru… if I am doing well with the FEC I wonder why I need 8… I asked him and he said we want to get this right… if that makes it better I want to do it…but I sure am in a hurry to have surgery and get this out of me! Thanks for letting me vent…

Best wishes to you all,
Lee xx


Know exactly what you mean, i am on 6 fec to shrink tumour and next week i think i will be half way through. Saw differnt onc last time who introduced the phrase it may be 6 to 8 cycles. Talk about feeling gutted and it hasn’t even happened yet. I was so happy that i should be finnished chemo before xmas and get surgery early new year.

Like you i want do whats right but it doesn’t stop you being dissapointed.

Thinking of you.

Take care