Thought it was too good to be true

So here I was, thinking that I had been a very lucky girl with minimal side effects, yet here I am on Day 15, feeling nauseous and like I’ve been run over by a truck. Maybe it’s because I’ve done too much this week? I’ve pretty much ventured out every day, because I was feeling fine, to meet friends and have a catch up.

Today, I woke up at 11am with an all mighty headache, which has only really subsided now. I also went back to bed, as just could not function!

Has anyone else felt like this so far down the treatment line? I though you were supposed to feel worse at the start of it then things got better?

J xxxxx

Hi J - have you checked your temperature? 15 days in it is possible that your white blood cell counts are very low leaving you open to infection - if you have a high temperature (38+), or even if you don’t and your symptoms get any worse, you should call your chemo helpline for advice.
Better to be safe as if your blood count is low, you won’t be able to fight off any bugs.

Temp is fine (37.3) and for the 7 days after my chemmo infusion I had the injections to boost my white blood cell count… I’ve got my chemo team on speed dial, so I reckon after I’ve had a doze, if I feel any worse I’ll definitely give them a call - just to check.

I honestly think I’ve just done too much this week. It’s my own fault for presuming too quickly I was ok to go out so much!! Damn me for being stubborn LOL

Thanks for your advice

J xxx

Hi J
I think it might depend on the chemo regime you’re on. I know when I was on FEC I felt cr@p for the 1st 5 days then improved up until the next cycle whereas I know of others, on different chemo, who felt rough later in their cycle. Also bear in mind your white blood cell count will be at it’s lowest right now so your body will be in overdrive trying to make more of the little things! Even with the injections my wbc count never got very high so it doesn’t automatically mean that the injections take the strain away from your own body doing it’s stuff. Hope you feel better after a rest and maybe take it a bit easy :slight_smile:
Nicky x

Hi J,
Don’t rely on the injections keeping you in the normal range,especially at the beginning.
I couldn’t believe when I had low neutrophils/white cell count as I became unwell the day after a week of white cell bosster injections.
Doctors said I could have been worse without them!
Give the chemo line a ring and discuss it with them- it is always easier to deal with these things in the day time rather than out of hours.
I reckoned to feel iffy the first few days then a bit better, then a bit fragile, then better last week before starting again.
Best of luck!

Ooops reading what I just posted above-if you don’t see it till out of hours time, still ring them and discuss it, especially as 37.3, while not a high temperature is a bit higher than normal.
If they areanything like my chemo team they will be very helpful and supportive

Hi there J

I was told to contact chemo unit if temp higher than 37.5? Just to say though I have found ( I have had 3 FEC + 2 TAX so far) that if I do ‘too much’ temp goes up and I feel dreadful esp in the first 2 weeks… if I go for a lie down/rest/snooze things improve to various degrees?! you will have to do what I did ‘note to self…slow down and take it easy…let someone else do it…blah blah’ easier said than done though eh? says I with an autistic wee man!! XXX Love to you and all… another J… Jeanette XX

Hi J

I would definately feel it if I did too much on Tax, you have been doing really well on it (I couldnt have done what youve done this week). I felt ok if I balanced out what I did.

Hope you feel better after a couple of days rest.

Love Sue xx

Thank you ladies xxxx
(I had 19 hours sleep last night/today - reckon i needed it?)